Most famous ring in the world?

17 10 2009

A friend of mine is a long-time Rolling Stones fan; but most importantly and specifically he is a Keith Richards fan, who is always affectionately referred to as ‘Keef’. Said friend recently pointed out the story about the skull ring that has been a favourite of the rocker since 1978, when it was a gift from London jewellers Courts and Hackett.

From a story on The Telegraph, we’re led to the jeweller’s site, where we are told the story of the original ring [here] and the new Death’s Head Ring [here] ‘sculpted from the same human skull used for the original‘.

<sigh> Keef, you were quite a good looking sort…

image from Courts and Hackett site; attributed to Jean Pagliuso; click on the image to link through to the original source

image from Courts and Hackett site; attributed to Jean Pagliuso; click on the image to link through to the original source

It’s worth checking out the selected images of their other work [here], including the ring Keef proposed with and some other work now in the V&A. It is interesting that many of the pieces shown are connected to Keef; but a little disappointing too, for I’m sure they must have a wider range of creations.

What caught my eye is the jeweller’s assertion that the original is ‘the most famous ring in the world‘. Bold words indeed. I’m not sure I agree – I wasn’t even aware of this ‘icon’ until I was sent this story; perhaps all that says is that I’m not obsessed with Keef’s fingers or that I’m not cool.

Anyhoo, I’ve been thinking about that title for a little bit and I can’t actually say what ring I would put forward as ‘the most famous ring in the world‘ in its stead. Perhaps Lady Diana Spencer’s engagement ring (the oval sapphire surrounded by diamonds)? When I put the phrase into Google it comes up with the Pope’s ring and the Superbowl ring. Now I’ll dismiss the latter outright as too American- and sport-centric to be ‘world famous’ in my opinion. The Pope’s ring was an interesting option. I had to research it because I didn’t know what it looked like – it is a gold seal ring with a relief of Saint Peter the Fisherman.  Apparently a new ring is cast for every Pope, so it’s more a series than a single ring, though the iconography remains constant – so I think it could have a strong case for the accolade.

What is your contender for the title?



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17 10 2009
Melissa Cameron

Not being a Lord Of The Rings fan (but being married to a Tolkien fan) I hate to be the one to bring it up, but… One ring to rule them all?
And I do remember a big to-do about Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt’s wedding rings. The ones with the diamonds set in the side of the band, rather than the face. And while I slide into the territory recently covered in the “My, you’re huge” post, there is something in the fact that both of these rings don’t have gems set into their front faces. Not that there is a connection between them, but it’s just interesting.

17 10 2009

Ooh, Lord of the Rings – a good suggestion indeed.
I was originally thinking of ‘real’ rings, as opposed to fictional rings; but that’s not a necessary delineation at all, and it certainly would qualify as one of the most well-known rings…

7 03 2012
Halfdan Hansen

Hi – I like your blog. Keep up the good work.

Definitely don’t like to blow our own horn but I would have to put my vote behind my father’s creation of the One Ring for Peter Jackson’s movies as the 😉 !

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