‘The Ring’ @ Studio Ingot

6 10 2009

Studio Ingot has been quiet on the exhibition front this year, so I was pleasantly surprised to see they have ‘The Ring‘ exhibition during most of October.

I popped in on the weekend to see it and was very impressed with the exhibition design – it must have taken the curators a long time to set up the groupings, and I like the way the artist / title are displayed using small simple but so effective line-drawing maps.

from exhibition media

from exhibition media

There are some lovely pieces. In fact, the Katherine Bowman onyx gorgeousness is here, which I naturally tried on; I thought I may go back, but as I spent lots on sartorial splendour the next day I’m not so sure now.

It seems I have been opening up to the glory of green lately (why, I even bought a bright green cardigan just last week); it does feel a little out of character, but is perhaps part of a larger phenomenon, as many of the pieces featuring green had already been snapped up…

Exhibition media states: “over 100 rings, by forty artists“. When I visited a number had already been sold and taken home – so be fast!

Artists involved are (from exhibition media):

  • Brendan Adair-Smith
  • Annaïg Bidan, Jane Bowden, Katherine Bowman, Madeleine Brown
  • Michelle Cangiano
  • Michael De Vildosola, Raymond de Zwart, Jeanette Dyke
  • Nina Ellis
  • Norman Fell, Michael Fletcher, Yuri Fujiyama
  • Darren Harvey, Barbara Heath, Nicky Hepburn, Birgit Holdinghausen
  • Pennie Jagiello
  • Bridget Kennedy, Rebecca Kim, Anette Kortenhaus, Fiona Kwong
  • Catherine Large, Katheryn Leopoldseder, Coconut Lu
  • Shine Myung-ok Shin
  • Belinda Newick
  • Mary Odorcic
  • David Parker, Cass Partington, Rebecca Pocock
  • Amy Renshaw, Sarah Ross
  • Regine Schwarzer
  • Zoe Jay Veness
  • Kathryn Wardill, Robin Wells, Leonie Westbrook

For more information about the artists, go to the artist page at Studio Ingot, or see if they’re on my links page!

The Ring‘ is at Studio Ingot until 24th October 2009.



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