Diamonds may treat cancer

13 09 2009

Diamonds aren’t just for jewellery or industrial cutting; this story [from The Age] briefly details that:

Chemotherapy patients could soon be offered diamond-encrusted patches that release medication slowly, instead of the crippling burst of drugs that makes them so sick. The patch uses diamond nanoparticles to deliver targeted doses of chemotherapy and is being developed by an international research team…
Science is pretty incredible.



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13 09 2009

hi Karen, am fascinated by this, and would like to learn more. Great to meet you @ melb bloggers, sorry I had to run…

13 09 2009

Hi Vetti

It was great to meet you too! I left fairly soon after you did actually, I was getting a wee bit hungry.

Your comment provoked me to look for more information about this research, and found a couple of other references, but not with a whole lot more information.
It’s CSIRO research [see ABC transcript here]; but it’s interesting that the last few years has seen some debate about the safeness of nanoparticles [see Wiki], which now seems to have abated with diamonds being seen as most promising.
Also, I found that gold nanaparticles have potential for diagnosing lung cancer, here.
I have to admit I don’t understand most of the scientific discussion about the nano-stuff!

Hope to catchup again soon
Happy writing!

19 09 2009

hi – thanks for the links, hope you’re having a great weekend? looking forward to some studio time this afternoon. see you soonish?

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