My jewellery collection #3

4 09 2009

In an earlier post I mentioned that I have sourced some of my collection at previous years’ RMIT jewellery auctions. This piece is such a one.

I was planning on writing about my collection in a roughly chronological order – but my memory is a bit muddled about the exact order of bringing home some of my pieces, so while I will do my best to put them in order it may indeed be ‘approximate’!

This is a lovely little enamelled piece by Suzi Zutic. It was bought at the RMIT auction in my second year I think, but it could have been first year, so that makes it either 2004 or 2005.


While I may not remember which year it was, I do remember that I was in a bidding war with Craig Sparks for these little gems (Suzi had generously donated a few of them). I actually came home with two. The other was a man wearing a trenchcoat, his head down and striding purposely – his leg out and about the hit the pavement, caught mid-pace. Sadly, I haven’t seen him for a number of years now – these pieces are quite little, so I probably put him ‘somewhere special’ and have lost him. Perhaps he’s off somewhere having a lovely time, and maybe he’s taken off his coat and is skipping with a lighter heart now…

Now that I’ve imagined a better life for trenchcoat-man, I’ll move on to the artist. You can read Suzi’s biography on the Pieces of Eight site [here]. In 2003 Suzi won the Debbie Sheezel prize for enamelling, this piece shows that skill beautifully. The man is 15mm high – that means his little arm is about 5mm – and the enamelling is perfect. Enamelling was one of the jewellery practices/techniques I loved the most, I enjoy the intense concentration and patience, and the beauty of the outcome.

I love wearing this little dude – life is good and he’s cheering or having a boogie or has just slid across the floor in his socks!

… last post on my jewellery collection #2



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