Tessa Blazey ‘Fabrication’ @ Pieces of Eight

2 09 2009

The latest exhibition in the window of Pieces of Eight is ‘Fabrication‘ by Tessa Blazey.

photograph taken with gallery permission

photograph taken with gallery permission

The display is like a little world of its own, with small men adrift in a landscape of enormous crystalline structures.

Most of the rings are square and either black or gold. The necklace elements are triangular or circular. There is a clear geometric theme!

The rings below have a focal point that looks to have been cast from mineral samples, some of which are exhibited alongside. It’s an interesting concept actually, and I particularly like the gold tourmaline crystal ring (pictured in the very bottom left corner in the image above).

photograph taken with gallery permission

photograph taken with gallery permission

Exhibition media states:
In ‘Fabrication’ Tessa Blazey creates intimate sci-fi worlds and geometric wearables through a series of new jewellery pieces for Pieces of Eight Gallery. Exhibited are two collections exploring her concepts of fabrication; the invention of a story or fiction and the process of manufacturing.
The collections are highly sculptural and unified by their common conceptual origins- Blazey’s fascination with mineral specimens, their formal geometries and structures. There is a striking contradiction of scale in the work which is both clever and playful. The ring series uses the process of casting, transforming complex and beautiful mineral specimens into miniature architectural worlds. In contrast to this, her series of bold chains manipulate crystalline structures and geometric forms to monumentalise the language of chain-making

Tessa’s blog has some lovely images of her work; and the Pieces of Eight blog has fantastic photographs of the opening night [post] and a very interesting interview with the artist [post].

Tessa Blazey’s ‘Fabrication‘ is at Pieces of Eight until 12th September 2009.

Update (31st January 2010): Craft Vic blog has a story and some more images of Tessa’s work here.



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