‘in the city’ @ City Library

19 08 2009

My first attempt at visiting the ‘in the city‘ exhibition at the City Library was while I was also visiting Craft Hatch last week. While the plinths were against the walls to allow for the stalls and foot traffic, you could actually access each to look closer. However it was disappointing that there was not a works list to be seen – given it was going to be the day when the exhibition got the most exposure, it was a shame that interested viewers could find out who the artists were. I asked staff and not one copy of the listing could be found – not very happy about that.

Second attempt: an evening after work. I wanted to see the original installation, sans stalls (I do like the majesty of lots of white space around three-dimensional objects), and to get a works list. This time there was a works list attached the each plinth – a bit late, but still good progress. Therefore, all photographs are from the second viewing.


left: Chloe Powell, earrings and necklace
middle: Soo-Jeong Jo, ‘Coin Bowl’, sterling silver
right: Ev Liong, ‘Build’ ring and ‘Stop Time’ enamel piece

Exhibition media: “We live, love, work, play, breathe and create…in the city. An exhibition of new works showcases 11 emerging contemporary jewellers of disparate backgrounds, inspired by their personal experiences and observations in and around Melbourne.


foreground left: Colly Yi Chieh Lu, ‘untitled’ hanging installation
foreground right: Colly Yi Chieh Lu, ‘#001’ ‘#002’ ‘#003’ ‘#004’ ‘#005’; this group reminded me of Rosslynd Piggott’s ‘Collection of Air‘ [go to here and then to 1992 for images]


left: Bin Dixon-Ward ‘Carbon Credit Ring #2’, made from asphalt from Flinders Street
right: fantastic silversmithing piece by Bin Dixon-Ward, ‘A Vessel for the City

All artists involved (in alphabetical order): Bin Dixon-Ward, Sarah Fletcher, Allona Goren, Marcos Guzman, Courtney Jackson, Soo-Jeong Jo, Inari Kiuru, Ev Liong, Colly Yi Chieh Lu, Romy Mittelman, Chloe Powell. Some of these students were also in ‘Wondernamel‘ earlier in the year and I also showed work of two of them in a previous post (which preempted this show!). Also, see work by these artists by going to the RMIT G&S Auction site and to the ‘Artist’ page to zoom in on each one.

I would like to know more about this exhibition – when I went through my degree we only did the year-end exhibition in second year, so I’m curious if this exhibition was organised by the students themselves or with the ‘encouragement’ of teachers? If it is the former, their initiative is commendable!

in the city” is at City Library until 28th August 2009.

Update (20th August): I didn’t really make it very clear – the work being exhibited is that of 2nd year students from RMIT. Please also be sure to read the comments on this post for more information!



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19 08 2009
Inari Kiuru

Dear Karen,

I’m a follower and a fan of your blog, it is great to have craft / jewellery specialised blogs by makers themselves!

Thank you for seeing and writing about our show, … In the City. Noticed that you had some questions at the end of your post. Would be very happy to tell you about the exhibition a bit more, it was an interesting project we took on as a class, as a result of applying and getting a small grant from RMIT Union Arts. Couldn’t find your email address within your blog (hence approaching you via the “Comment” avenue – mine is ikiuru@iinet.net.au, please get in touch if you want a tour or to chat further.

Thanks again for a fantastic blog, all the best.

20 08 2009

Hi Inari
You are most kind! I’m glad you enjoy reading my blog.
Well done on the exhibition – it’s a great credit to your class to take this kind of initiative to get your work ‘out there’.
Perhaps I will see you at tonight’s auction!

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