Calendar: August 2009

31 07 2009

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all month:

  • Craft Victoria, ‘Craft Cubed‘ [link]; runs 1st August – 12th September
  • Craft Cubed, ‘Perspective’ (contemporary jewellery) [link]; until 12th September
  • NGV International [link] ‘Dressed to Rule: Imperial Robes of China‘ (textiles); until 6th September; my review story
  • NGV International [link] ‘Persuasion: Fashion in the Age of Jane Austen‘ (primarily textiles); until 8th November; my review story
  • NGV International [link] ‘Salvador Dali: Liquid Desire‘; until 4th October; my review story
  • Melbourne Museum [link] ‘A Day in Pompeii‘; until 25th October

1st August: last day for Gallery Funaki, Warwick Freeman ‘spring collection‘ (contemporary jewellery) [link]; my review story

2nd August: last day for NGV Ian Potter ‘Shared Sky‘ (two-dimensional) [link]

3rd August: ‘…In the City‘, 11 emerging jewellers and the urban environment, City Library [link – thanks to Katherine Bowman for her post on this!]; until 28th August

4th August: Gallery Funaki, Svenja John ‘X_BRANEN‘ (contemporary jewellery) [link]; until 29th August

6th August: Metalab (Sydney), Peta Kruger (jewellery) [link]; until 30th August

7th August: Craft Cubed, Boyd School open day, 1:30 – 6:30pm (Blanche Tilden, Simone leAmon) [link]

8th August: Craft Vic ‘Hatch’ market [link], City Library, Flinders Lane, 11am – 4pm

9th August: rumour has it that Thread Den is having a vintage clothing market, 10am – 2pm [link]

14th August: last day for applications for The Woollahra Small Sculpture Prize [link]

15th August: last day for Flinders Lane Gallery, Kathryn Ryan ‘New Landscapes‘ [link]

15th August: last day for Pieces of Eight, Katie Jacobs ‘Raining in my Heart‘ [link]

16th August: Craft Cubed, Abbotsford Convent open day, 10am – 4pm [link]

18th August: Pieces of Eight, Tessa BlazeyFabrication‘; until 12th September

20th August: RMIT G&S Jewellery Auction, viewing from 5:30pm, auction starts 6:30pm; all proceeds go towards funding the graduating class exhibition and associated publication [link]

21st August: last day for applications for inclusion in Object Gallery’s ‘Precious Pendants‘ exhibition: “Precious Pendants invites makers from across Australia, and at any level of career, to submit one piece for possible inclusion in the exhibition. The judging panel will select 40 pieces from the applicants to be exhibited in Project Space.” [link]

21th August: NGV (International), ‘Building a Collection: Recent acquisitions of prints and drawings‘ [link]; until 31 January 2010

22nd August: last day for Julia deVille ‘Cineraria‘, Sophie Gannon Gallery [link]

27th / 28th August: Craft Cubed, Nicholas Building open days, 4-9pm [link]

30th August: last day for expressions of interest for inclusion in Studio 20/17 Christmas gift showcase [link]

… link to exhibitions and events on the July 2009 calendar and August 2009 sneak peek



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