Blog roundup

30 07 2009

It’s that time again!

  • I know I keep mentioning Katherine’s blog (but if you’re not already regularly checking it, then I’ll keep reminding you!) – her recent contemplation of blue is lovely [post]
  • David shows us painted gold – beautiful! [post]
  • Julia deVille has a show ‘Cineraria‘ at Sophie Gannon, opening 29th July, until 22nd August [post]
  • Cat Preston mentions her MA thesis is on ‘men and jewellery, it’s history, it’s possibilities, the gendered aspects of jewellery‘ – I think this is fascinating and I look forward to her sharing her thoughts in time (and perhaps sharing some of mine with her) [post]
  • I tend to concentrate on Australian makers, but the presentation of this exhibition caught my eye – I think it’s stunning [post], and reminded me of Cassandra Chilton’s silhouette pieces

Happy reading and happy making!



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