Alexander Knox ‘Maxims of Behaviour’

17 07 2009

ABC Sunday Arts: how did I do without it? The episode on 28th June 2009 had a segment on this light art; so when I happened to be in the area one night, I thought I’d actually stand still for a little while and pay attention.

The work ‘Maxims of Behaviour‘, by Alexander Knox, was commissioned by the Melbourne City Council. It was first installed last winter on the facade of The Royal Mail House (cnr Swanston and Bourke), and will be shown at night every winter until 2012.


The colours change and shift, and people-shaped shadows move across the building. I don’t have a deep profound pronouncement to make about the work – not because that level doesn’t exist here (I know they do, from the artist interview I saw), but because I found it enjoyable to just stand and look and enjoy without thinking too much about it. This art brings vibrancy and life to this street corner and old building, and I like it for that.

More information about this work, and more images, can be found here and here. There is also a fabulous image of the work here; and a blog post about the work last year.



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17 07 2009

Ah Sunday Arts – how I love thee! My other great indulgence is the By Design Podcast with Alan Saunders ( you should totally check it out if you haven’t already! It makes sitting at the bench sawing/filling/polishing the easiest thing ever!

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