Calendar: July 2009 sneak peek

15 06 2009

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Updates for June 2009:

3rd June: Gallery 101, Josephine Kuperholz ‘blight‘ (photography); until 27th June

3rd June: Block Projects, Robert Hollingworth ‘Neither Here Nor There‘ (painting); the image in the Art Almanac looked like space and starts; until 27th June (at the time of writing Block Projects website doesn’t look to have updated, so I found information on the Triple R site)

10th June: Metro Gallery (Malvern), Metro Art Award exhibition [link]; until 5th July

11th June: ‘A Natural World‘, group show at Glen Eira City Council Gallery, includes Marian Hoskings; until 5th July

19th June: opening night of High Street Northcote Visual Arts Festival, 6-9pm; runs 19th – 21st June

23rd June: Pieces of Eight, Laura di FlorioThe View (Melbourne)‘; until 18th July [new link]

Now for July 2009:

all month:

  • NGV International [link] ‘Dressed to Rule: Imperial Robes of China‘ (textiles); until 6th September; my review story
  • NGV International [link] ‘Persuasion: Fashion in the Age of Jane Austen‘ (primarily textiles); until 8th November;
  • NGV International [link] ‘Salvador Dali: Liquid Desire‘; until 4th October
  • NGV Ian Potter [link] ‘Shared Sky‘ (two-dimensional); until 2nd August
  • Melbourne Museum [link] ‘A Day in Pompeii‘; until 25th October

2nd July: last day for Brunswick Street Gallery [link] ‘Small Works 09‘;

7th July: Gallery Funaki, Warwick Freeman ‘spring collection‘ (jewellery) [link]; until 1st August

11th July: last day for Studio 20/17 (Sydney), ‘Winter Brooch Exhibition‘ (jewellery) [link]

11th July: Craft Vic ‘Hatch’ market [link], City Library, Flinders Lane, 11am – 4pm

18th July: last day for SCHMUCK 2009 Contemporary Jewellery[link] at RMIT Gallery; and ‘Johannes Kuhnen: a survey of innovation‘ [link];

25th July: last day for Craft Victoria, ‘The World of Small Things‘ [link], curated by Kevin Murray;

26th July: last day for Melbourne Museum [link],’Top Designs 2009 – VCE Season of Excellence‘;

31st July: Craft Victoria, Festival Launch for Craft Cubed [link]; opening night 6-9pm; runs 1st August – 12th September;



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