‘Jewellery Topos’ @ First Site Gallery

12 06 2009

Jewellery Topos‘ is an exhibit of jewellery works by postgraduate students from RMIT. It has just returned to Melbourne from Galerie Marzee (Netherlands) and has quietly been put on show at First Site Gallery at RMIT.

installation view

installation view

Exhibition media states: “Jewellery is a bearer of cultural and historical meaning and memory. In particular it is concerned with the relations of those meanings with the personal and urban settings, acting as a way of defining or interpreting ‘topos’ (which means ‘of place’, Greek). The concern of this jewellery research is to recognise and explore the ways the jewellery artefact opens our engagement with, and understanding of the personal and external places we inhabit. Jewellery conveys settings of human identity and presence as well as external settings such as urban spaces and ‘topos’ takes on a broader significance as place itself becomes an expanded notion.

installation view

installation view

I quite like how the plinths are all huddled together, as though to protect each other against the bitter cold. They are displayed in the entrance to First Site Gallery, and I understand the space at short notice was an gift of generosity of the current exhibitors at the gallery – Sally Cleary, Ariela Nucci, Rachel MacBryde in ‘The Nature of Things‘. Actually, this exhibition is worth a visit too, especially the delicate ceramics by Ariela.

With respect to the jewellery, there are pieces by members of my alumni cohort: Nicole Polentas (see artist profile story), Lucy Hearn and Kara Breadmore. I also really liked the paper neckpiece by Julie Mitchell and the brooch by Kirsten Haydon (is the penguin inside?), and the pleasing weight of prehistory in Karla Way‘s neckpiece. There are very good images of each piece on the Galerie Marzee website – lots to enjoy.

I think this show is only at RMIT First Site Gallery until 20th June 2009 – so hurry!



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19 08 2011

So I have my work in an exhibition soon & I’m wondering about those gorgeous plinths. Are they available for sale or were they made for the gallery? I now have plinth envy!

19 08 2011

Hi Suzanne
My understanding is that the plinths belong to the RMIT Gold and Silversmithing department … so unlikely they’re for sale.
Though they are indeed gorgeous!

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