‘Contemporary Australian Silver & Metalwork’ @ BUDA

9 06 2009

The 10th Biennial Leviny Commemorative Exhibition of Contemporary Silver & Metalwork opened at BUDA in Castlemaine on Sunday 7th June. As the catalogue states: “Presenting contemporary works by emerging silversmiths, students and recent graduates…“.


The winners were announced at the opening:

Section A: Professional Silversmiths

  • The Leviny Commemorative Award: for excellence in design, craftsmanship and originality; awarded to Joungmee Do for her vessel ‘Symphony
  • The Australian Decorative & Fine Arts Society (Melbourne) Award: for excellence in design, craftsmanship and originality by an emerging artist; awarded to Emma Fielden for ‘Tea Infusers
  • The Arts Centre Silver Acquisitive Award: for excellence in design, craftsmanship and originality by an artist inspired by or interpreting any branch of Australian performing arts; awarded to Joungmee Do for ‘Symphony

Section B: Students and Emerging Graduates

  • The P.J. Williams Award: for innovative design in gold and silversmithing – holloware, flatware or sculptural objects; awarded to Tracy Pateman (ANU graduate) for ‘Teapot #1
  • Gold & Silversmiths’ Guild of Australia Award; for excellence in jewellery design and craftsmanship; awarded to Claire Faulmann (NMIT graduate) for ‘Gobstopper Ring
  • e.g. etal Design and Development Award: awarded to Cinnamon Lee (ANU postgraduate) for ‘Secrets Ring Series
installation view;in the foreground are gorgeous pieces by Mel Miller 'Blue Raspberry Madaleines'

installation view; in the foreground are gorgeous pieces by Mel Miller 'Blue Raspberry Madaleines'

Joungmee Do is one of my favourite metalsmiths. Her piece this year is incredible and has elements of her signature etching, floral iconography and iybsa (traditional Korean inlay technique). It is a shame though that the photograph in the catalogue doesn’t do it justice, giving a detail instead of the whole object. Once I can get hold of an image, I’ll be sure to share it!

Emma Fielden‘s pieces were beautiful, but there was such a crowd around them at all times that I wasn’t able to get a good look at them in person – sad about that, but it is good for the artist to have such intense interest. There are some lovely images on her website.

Tracy Pateman‘s teapot was a highlight too. I remember making a teapot in second year (it almost killed me), so I have respect for anyone who achieves such a beautiful outcome. The shape is very appealing, and the sweep of the handle is an ideal balance to the squat pot. Tracy is another maker with a good website, which has an image of this piece; and a blog with a larger image (it’s the one on the left).

A quick mention of two other works I thought were interesting:

  • two series of indian-inspired brooches by Meghan O’Rourke; there are some great images on her website
  • a neckpiece and brooch by Roxanne WattsJasper and Professor‘, inspired by the animation ‘Jasper Morello’; again, I am so excited about the many makers with websites!
installation view; in the foreground is 'Corpuscle' by Samantha Horstman

installation view; in the foreground is 'Corpuscle' by Samantha Horstman

It was a bit strange that some of the work felt familiar, and I realised that I’ve probably seen some pieces through RMIT friends and the graduating shows at the end of last year.

The only annoyance of the viewing were the inane individuals who thought (or more accurately didn’t think) that it was perfectly okay to leave their half-drunk glass of champagne or orange juice, or perch their elbows or papers, on top of the glass cases. Seriously, have some manners.

Contemporary Australian Silver & Metalwork Exhibition‘ is at BUDA until 28th June 2009.

The exhibition will then be touring as follows:

  • Shepparton Art Gallery: 15th August – 20 September 2009
  • the Arts Centre Melbourne: 26 September – 8th November 2009
  • Geelong Art Gallery: 21st November 2009 – 10th January 2010
  • Mornington Pennisula Regional Gallery: 20th January – 8th March 2010

BUDA catalogue from 2005 is here (warning: this pdf took a long time).
BUDA catalogue from 2007 is here (pdf).



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11 08 2009
roxanne watts

I have just came across your web-page- wonderful indeed.
Buda House is always a wonderful place to exhibit and so many talented artists always inspire me.

16 12 2009

it is so great to see whats going on in your part of the world.
here’s whats going on in London http://misterclarke.wordpress.com/

25 07 2013
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