‘Schmuck’ @ RMIT Gallery

5 06 2009

Last night was the opening of the international jewellery survey Schmuck‘ at RMIT Gallery. For the uninitiated, ‘schmuck’ is German for jewellery and is pronounced to rhyme with look (not muck).

This is a significant event for Melbourne, and especially RMIT, as it is only the fourth time in the annual event’s 50-year history that it has been shown outside of its home in Munich.

If you want to learn about the current movements within contemporary jewellery, then this is close to a once-in-a-lifetime event to see 60 jewellery works of such international standing together in one show on our fair shores.


opening night 4th June

Exhibition media: “This annual exhibition, originating in Munich and now its fiftieth year, is widely recognised as the premier exposition of international contemporary jewellery. It is an honour for an artist to be selected for inclusion and we are equally honoured that RMIT Gallery has been chosen as the venue outside Germany to present this prestigious body of some sixty works. Year after year the names of the contributors comprise a role call of some of the most renowned and innovative jewellery practitioners. Likewise, the outstanding quality of the work reflects a mastery of materials both traditional and experimental, continuously challenging and reinventing the formal conventions and concepts of wearable jewellery.

There was so much to take in last night, I have yet to think through it all – so I will write more in the coming days and weeks.

There is a lecture today (Friday) at 12pm: panel discussion with ‘SCHMUCK’ Director Wolfgang Lösche, ‘What is Contemporary Jewellery?’.  ‘Schmuck‘ is accompanied at RMIT Gallery by ‘Johannes Kuhnen: a survey of innovation’. I will write more about this at a later date, but there is also an artist floor talk tomorrow at 1-1.30pm. Both events are not to be missed! RSVP essential on (03) 9925 1717 or rmit.gallery@rmit.edu.au.

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