Rings for ‘singles’

2 06 2009

I cannot remember where I first read about ‘singelringen‘, but it was only recently. I mentioned it in a previous post as a modern example of using jewellery to mark social status or association.

For the uninitiated, the “single ring” (in Swedish) is a simply a turquoise acrylic and sterling silver ring that is been marketed to single people.

Their website proclaims it to be “the world’s first ring for single people“. Oh honestly!

from singelringen website

from singelringen website

It goes on: “There are engagement rings and wedding rings, but there was no such thing as a ring for single men and women. Why not? If anyone needs to signal one’s civil status, it’s a Single. As a single person, you are on your own, but you are not alone – there are many of us around the world. We should stand up for what we are – we are always more attractive to others when we are comfortable being single. Dare to be a proud single!

Is it just me or is that contradictory? Are we to be so proud of being single that we ought to advertise the fact, in order to make ourselves more attractive to others, with the subtext being that we secretly don’t really want to be single?

Reading more of the ‘Singelringen philosophy’ reinforced my interpretation: “By feeling good about yourself makes you become more attractive, and increases the chance to find your love. Our motto is: “You have to love yourself before you can love someone else.”

Oh but it gets better, for the collection extends beyond just the ring to include a necklace, bracelet, ‘mobile jewellery’, and charms – do not get me started! And one actually ‘registers’ to buy a ring, it comes with a unique ‘registration number’, and you get to join the ‘community’. Ah, make it stop.

It is a very good thing for intelligent people to question the need for an advanced society to treat not being in a relationship as a ‘deficient’ position, to be fixed; to acknowledge that not being in a relationship can actually be a choice, not an unfortunate conspiracy of circumstances or fault. This reflects what I perceive as a recent gradual societal movement – so I suppose it is only natural that some clever and observant person identified the niche to have money-making potential. Therefore the underlying concept I concede, but the application here is not at all attractive.

Personally I cannot see why one would choose a generic and mass-produced item, non-individual at all, to celebrate yourself – single, in a relationship, married, polygamous, whatever. Why not have a beautiful piece of jewellery custom-made for you and you alone – a bespoke celebration of you. And if a commission cannot be construed within a budget, there are so many beautiful unique pieces in contemporary jewellery galleries that can fit any financial constraint. If indeed it is jewellery that would sufficiently celebrate you, for some maybe only a sports car will do it.

After writing the above mini-rant I found a pretty good discussion here.

Update (16th August 2013): I am putting this post on my facebook page today (I like to add ‘archive’ posts every now and then), and was checking the links still worked; the website is no longer valid and has moved to this address.



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