Calendar: June 2009 sneak peek

15 05 2009

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Updates for May 2009:

all month:

  • Toorak Village Sculpture Exhibition [link], “Contemporary sculpture in shop windows and sidewalks of Toorak Road, Toorak Village“; all of May

5th May: Richard Dunn ‘The Fibonacci Trees‘ (paintings) at Sofi’s Lounge, Sofitel Hotel – I’m a nerd at heart and the mathematical name is intriguing; until 3rd August

8th May: Monash Gallery of Art [link], ‘Beyond visibility: light and dust‘ (two-dimensional); until 28th June – review story written and will be published shortly

22nd May: NGV (International) ‘Persuasion: Fashion in the Age of Jane Austen‘ [link]; until 8th November

25th May: Craft Victoria enCounter (window) [link], Linda Hughes ‘Recontextualising the cautionary sign‘ (jewellery); until 14th June

30th May: deadline for entry to Brunswick Street Gallery ‘Small Works 09‘ [link]

now for June 2009:

all month:

  • NGV International [link] ‘Dressed to Rule: Imperial Robes of China‘ (textiles); 17th April – 6th September; my review story
  • NGV Ian Potter [link] ‘Shared Sky‘ (two-dimensional); 13th March – 2nd August
  • Melbourne Museum [link],’Top Designs 2009 – VCE Season of Excellence‘; until 26th July

3rd June: last day for Mildura Arts Centre [link] ‘ornamentomology‘, a travelling jewellery exhibition by JMGQ [link]

3rd June: NGV Women’s Association Seminar ‘Decorative Arts Now‘; speakers include Amanda Dunsmore, Diana Morgan, Mari Funaki, Prue Venables, and more; 9:30 – 12:30, $80, bookings call (03) 8662 1555, event code NGVWA030609; [link]

5th June: RMIT Gallery (in Storey Hall), ‘Johannes Kuhnen: a survey of innovation‘; the best information is from Kit and Caboodle site or the ANU site; as the RMIT Gallery site doesn’t seem updated; until 18th July

5th June: RMIT Gallery (in Storey Hall), ‘Schmuck‘ (jewellery); the best information seems to be from the RMIT G&S blog as the RMIT Gallery site is out of date; this is a significant international exhibition; until 18th July

5th June: last day for applications from contemporary artists and curators to exhibit new and innovative work in the five gallery spaces and the grounds of Linden – Centre for Contemporary Arts [link]

6th June: opening at Buda [link] of ‘Contemporary Australian Silver & Metalwork Exhibition‘ – “10th Leviny Commemorative Award promoting excellence and innovation in Australian Silversmithing, featuring an exquisite range of hollowware, jewellery and sculptural works by professional, emerging and student silversmiths“; until 28th June

10th June: RMIT School of Art Gallery [link] ‘Melbourne Hollow Ware 2009‘; opening night 5 – 7pm; exhibition from 9th – 19th June; “A mixture of personal philosophy and vessel making, Melbourne Hollow Ware explores how object making engages the semiotics of manufacture and the immigrant of ideas to convey the settings of human identity and presence” – this show has recently been shown at Marzee and I can’t wait to see it!

13th June: last day for Craft Vic, Natasha Dusenjko ‘Babel‘ (ceramics) [link] – review story written and will be published shortly

13th June: Craft Vic ‘Hatch’ market [link], City Library, Flinders Lane, 11am – 4pm

13th June: NGV (International) ‘Salvador Dali: Liquid Desire‘ [link], until 4th October

14th June: last day of ‘Top Arts VCE 2009‘ (various visual arts) at NGV Ian Potter [link] – review story written and will be published shortly

18th June: Craft Victoria, ‘The World of Small Things‘ [link], curated by Kevin Murry; opening night 6-8pm; until 25th July

19th June: Brunswick Street Gallery [link] ‘Small Works 09‘; opening night 26th June; until 2nd July

20th June: last day at Pieces of Eight for Meredith Turnbull’s ‘Some Become Strangers‘ [new link]

22nd June: last day for application to the Cheongju International Competition (Korea, craft) [link]

24th June: Pigment Gallery [link] ‘2nd Annual Black & White (shades of grey) exhibition 2009‘; until 11th July

26th June: Melbourne Museum [link] ‘A Day in Pompeii‘; until 25th October

30th June: last day to apply to be part of the ‘Winter Art Auction‘ at Guildford Lane Gallery [link], in support of the Gay and Lesbian Switchboard; auction is on 31st July 2009

30th June: last day for submissions for inclusion in Craft Vic exhibition, for professional members only; see the below article from The Age last Friday (8th May 2009) [link]



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