Events: March 2009

2 03 2009

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1st March : Abbostsford Convent [link], Sunday Arts, 10am-4pm

3rd March : Charles Smith Gallery [link], opening of Emma Sher’s exhibition ‘Progression‘, 5:30 – 8:30pm; until 4th April

3rd March : RMIT First Site Gallery [link], opening of ‘In Bloom‘; until 14th March

7th March : last day of Craft Vic [link] exhibition of Lisa Walker and Melinda Young

10th March : Gallery Funaki [link], opening of Julie Blyfield’s exhibition ‘Natural Selection‘; until 4th April

10th March : Eg Et Al [link] Bead Auction, proceeds for Beyond Blue, starting 6:30pm

11th March : fortyfivedownstairs, Leah Heiss presents ‘Levitas; until 21st March

14th March : Craft Vic Hatch market [link], 11am – 4:30pm

14th March : last day of ‘the fox and the crow’ exhibition at Guildford Lane Gallery [link]

15th March : Abbostsford Convent [link], Makers Market, 10am-4pm

17th March : RMIT First Site Gallery [link], opening of ‘wondernamel‘ [RMIT gold and silversmithing] 5:30 – 7:30pm; until 28th March

27th March : last day of the Linden Postcard Show [link]

30th March : last day for exhibition proposals at Studio 20/17 [link], for jewellery with paper or text elements; for exhibition in May 2009 [in conjuction with the Sydney Writers Festival]



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