Picasso jasper

8 10 2014

In my continued Etsy experiments, I am once again pleased with the results of this little escapade.

I have the most amazing piece of … well … it’s described as Picasso jasper.

Just look at it. It’s like power lines over red earth … I love it!


Reading: Daily Rituals

5 10 2014

I’ve just finished reading ‘Daily Rituals‘ by Mason Currey. It’s a book with snippets about various creatives, mostly writers, and their daily routines. It’s quite intriguing and compulsive reading being easy to pick up at will (with each creative only taking up a page or two at most).

I like to peek into the world of others and to think about how they structure their day … do they battle the muse, wait for inspiration, have a regular time they force the work? There are many different approaches and it’s a frankly a relief that there isn’t one way it should work for everyone.

A few thoughts on the content:

  • there are lots of early mornings; many preferring the early hours and morning; believing to be most productive before lunch
  • walking comes up quite regularly; and long walks at that
  • I wonder if these people had to make their own meals or do their own housework or grocery shopping?
  • many of the people included are from previous generations; and I expect that the pattern would look remarkably different if one were to interview contemporary creatives; I wonder how many of the entries such as reading, entertaining, walking, playing music and such would instead be replaced with watching tv, playing video-games, checking facebook and other social media…
  • of course there is much mention of various stimulants

It was only after finishing the book that I finally read the introduction … and realised that the author started collecting these notes in a blog. Interesting. Though I wonder if the blog-to-book phenomenon may be at its natural end (with blogs dying out) … how will budding authors get their work noticed now? Perhaps twitter-to-books-with-very-short-paragraphs? Or tumblr-to-picture-book? Instagram-to-coffee-book?

New book

1 10 2014

Look at what arrived in my post recently.

A new jewellery book: “Place and Adornment: A History of Contemporary Jewellery in Australia and New Zealand” by Damian Skinner and Kevin Murray.

bit of reading!

bit of reading!

I’ll let you know what I think of it … there’s lots to read through!

Calendar: October 2014

30 09 2014

post last updated: 20th October

all month:

  • Personal Space Project (Canberra and online), Melinda Young ‘Sense & Scentability‘ [link]; “‘Sense & Scentability sees the incorporation of two neckpieces made from Pears Soap and frankincense respectively, into the body. These works form part of my ongoing research into social constructs of ‘cleanliness’ and adornment. This research stems from a fascination with the manner in which our bodies are (consciously and unconsciously) invisibly adorned with scent.’ – Melinda Young

    exhibition media

    exhibition media

  • Melbourne Museum, ‘The Art of Science‘ [link]; “Over the last 300 years their dazzling diversity has been described with increasing precision through scientific illustrations. Museum Victoria’s archive of artworks, working drawings and rare books traces the development of scientific art and provides a glimpse into a world of uncommon beauty.“; until 1st February 2015

    exhibition media

    exhibition media

  • Powerhouse Museum (Sydney), ‘A fine possession: jewellery and identity‘, will “celebrate the central place of jewellery in our lives from antiquity to the present-day through over 700 iconic and rarely seen objects” [link]; until September 2015

1st October: last day for applications for Schmuck and Talente 2015 [link]
extended [thanks to Melissa for the info!]:
The application-deadline for Schmuck 2015 is extended until 7th October 2014.
The application-deadline for Talente 2015 is extended until 15th October 2014.”

2nd October: Craft, ‘Craft to Consumer: Selling Online‘ seminar [link]; booking required

3rd October: ‘National Contemporary Jewellery Award‘ travels to COTA (Sydney); until 1st November

exhibition media

exhibition media

4th October: last day for Lord Coconut, ‘Art Of The Cuff‘ [link]; “Back for a third year, this exhibition features the work of over 40 local artisans, jewellers and designers and their painted, plastered, drawn upon, de-constructed or modified French Cuffs.

9th October: Northcity4 ‘Jewellery Three Ways‘ seminar [link]

11th October: last day for Object (Sydney), Lola Greeno ‘Cultural Jewels‘ [link]; “Lola Greeno: Cultural Jewels is the eighth in our Living Treasures: Masters of Australian Craft series. Our first Indigenous Living Treasure, Greeno is a shellworker and artist from Tasmania, whose career spans 30 years. Her stunning work is highly coveted by both public and private collectors alike.

14th October: Pieces of Eight, Meredith Turnbull ‘Co-Workers‘ [link]; “Turnbull creates artworks that engage various scales, art historical traditions and artistic genres, making connections between images, jewellery, decorative objects and sculptural components through spatial practice. More broadly her practice focuses on the potential and practical implications of the subject areas of sculpture and craft.“; until 23rd November

exhibition media

exhibition media

18th October: last day for Studio 20/17 (Sydney), Nicola Bannerman ‘Entwine‘ [link]; “Nicola, has always held a deep fascination with the recurring patterns in the natural world. She draws inspiration from the simplest spiral, to designs of great complexity where wonderful symmetry can be found in what at first glance may seem to be random formations. The inspiration for Entwine’ started in the garden, noticing repetitive patterns in leaves and spiral growth in flowers. These pattern possibilities in nature are endless, some occurring in surprising places – spirals in snails and cyclones; strong geometric angles in huge mountain ranges and exquisite crystals. The rotational symmetries in the huge varieties of sea anemones are another world of inspiration.

21st October: Craft NSW (Sydney) ‘Emerging Artist: Craft Award 2014‘ [link]; until 2nd November

exhibition media

exhibition media

21st October: Studio 20/17 (Sydney), Kelly Jonasson ‘Pieces of Familiar‘ [link]; “an exploration of materials and processes from the domestic environment. Using crochet, handmade porcelain beads, dolls hair and metal, Jonasson has created a collection of neckpieces and brooches with ambiguous form“; until 1st November

exhibition media

exhibition media

24th October: Craft, a ceramic-focused exhibition period; including Kate Jones ‘Being‘ [link]; until 29th November

exhibition media

exhibition media

25th October: Nortcity4 special pop-up one day only event, Melissa Cameron ‘one design‘ [link]; “One design. Three materials. 30 individual jewels
Melissa regularly issues a design challenge to herself. How many different objects can you create from one pattern? Her 2012 exhibition La Geometrie netted 38 unique works from a single iteration of her AutoCad drawn and laser cut ‘Untitled: Pattern in metal #4’ piece. She showed in her solo exhibition of that year one version of the whole object that had not undergone transformation (a sheet of intricately cut steel approx. A4 in size), and arranged around the rest of the gallery space was a suite of unique jewellery and objects works that were made from the duplicate single sheet of laser cut forms.
This time she has made a pattern half the size and had it cut professionally twice. In the development stage she prototyped one section of the pattern in sterling silver, hand cutting the elements for a ring, a bracelet and pendant. Three works and counting. How can she creatively engineer and customise the rest of this suite of pre-cut forms to make 100% unique works every time? Challenging herself to create works that use up all of the pieces from the puzzle and to not self-duplicate is tough, but this from an almost completely two-way-symmetrical pattern? It won’t be easy, but when it’s the artist’s pride on the line… The works, in silver, stainless steel and titanium will be displayed alongside a reproduction of the pattern on paper to show their origin, enabling the viewer to find each jewel’s place in the scheme.

event media

event media

25th October: last day for Gallery Funaki, Svenja John ‘Assembly‘ [link]; “In the 20 years since I began working with the polycarbonate MakrofolTM I have developed, bit by bit, my own ‘Jewellery Construction Kit’. In the beginning there were only bone-shaped parts (which I called x-bones), linked together with rings of various sizes to form chains, earrings and bracelets. Eventually more than 10 different basic elements developed from which all the complex jewellery assemblies are plugged together“; see my review post

26th October: last day for Bilk Gallery (Canberra), Marian Hosking ‘Botanical Edge‘ [link]

26th October: last day for M Contemporary (Sydney), ‘Intimately Connected‘ [link]; “aims to reveal the exploration of design and creativeness in contemporary jewellery making today; from applied, decorative, commercial or industrialised designs, the selection of works will help amateurs and collectors alike explore this unique and highly skilled art genre.

exhibition media

exhibition media

please tell me of other exhibitions or events
also check out Melissa Cameron’s excellent informative blog (especially for competitions)
also, check out ArtPrizes

Plan ahead:

5th November: NMIT Graduate Jewellery student exhibition ‘Mettle‘, Red Gallery [link]; until 22nd November

13th November: RMIT School of Art Gallery, RMIT Postgraduate exhibition of Object-based Practice ‘Azimuth‘ [link]; until 21st November

15th November: last day for application to Preziosa Young 2015 [link]

18th November: RMIT First Site Gallery, RMIT School of Art Honour Graduates ‘Hey Handsome‘ [link]; until 5th December

… last calendar post: Calendar: September 2014

Spring blooms

28 09 2014

Yes yes yes … there have been many jewellery goings-ons lately, though I have been ensconced either at home or at work.

Never fear, I have plans for some visiting in the near future.

In the meantime, spring is beautiful in my back yard.

garden 28Sep14

garden 28Sep14

Spring nuts

17 09 2014

I do love Spring.

Best season.

gum nuts

gum nuts

Bit. Excited.

14 09 2014

Jewellery lovers of Australia – you need to know about this!
Though you probably already do, no doubt
… but just in case…

The Powerhouse Museum (in Sydney) is in the process of installing their upcoming exhibition “A fine possession: jewellery and identity“.

Exhibition media: “Among the rarely seen items on display will be ancient Egyptian scarab jewels, Chinese kingfisher-feather jewels and a magnificent tiara and necklace made from exotic beetles for an English aristocrat. Australian highlights will include gold-rush jewellery, Indigenous necklaces made from pearl shells, a diamond Art Deco brooch in the form of aviator Charles Kingsford-Smith’s legendary ‘Southern Cross’ aircraft and the fabulous ‘Satine’ necklace worn by Nicole Kidman in the film Moulin Rouge. A striking selection of contemporary studio jewellery will reveal the imagination and skill of some of the most talented local and international jewellers working at the crossroads of art, craft and design.

For more see the Museum website [above is from here].

The exhibition opens 24th September 2014.

exhibition media; click on image for original source

exhibition media; click on image for original source