Dante’s ‘Inferno’

4 09 2014

After many years of wanting to, I’ve started reading Dante’s ‘Comedia‘.
The first book being Inferno.
Some parts I’ve really enjoyed, others I’ve just waded through.

A few of my favourite parts from it:

  • At one point midway on our path in life,
    I came around and found myself searching
    through a dark wood, the right way blurred and lost
    [canto 1, 1-3]
  • In autumn, leaves are lifted, one by one,
    away until the branch looks down and sees
    its tatters all arrayed upon the ground.
    [canto 3, 112-114]
  • No fresh green leaves but dismal in colour,
    no boughs clean arc-ed but knotty and entwined,
    no apples were there but thorns, poison-pricked.
    [canto 13, 4-7]
  • barked in her lunacy like any cur,
    the pain of it so wretched her mind askew
    [canton 30, 20-21]

All from ‘The Divine Comedy I: Inferno‘ translated by Robin Kirkpatrick.


Other Septembers

2 09 2014

It’s Spring. Wee-hee.

What did other Septembers hold? I’ll try to keep it to three per month…

September 2009

September 2010

September 2011

September 2012

September 2013

  • looks like I didn’t manage to get out of the house to see any last year ….
    nooo, that can’t be right! I did do my third yarnbomb at the local school though.



Calendar: September 2014

31 08 2014

post last updated: 22nd September

all month:

  • Personal Space Project (Canberra and online), Renee Bevan and Jhana Millers [link]
  • Object (Sydney), Lola Greeno ‘Cultural Jewels‘ [link]; “Lola Greeno: Cultural Jewels is the eighth in our Living Treasures: Masters of Australian Craft series. Our first Indigenous Living Treasure, Greeno is a shellworker and artist from Tasmania, whose career spans 30 years. Her stunning work is highly coveted by both public and private collectors alike.“;  until 11th October

1st September: e.g.etal, Natalia Milosz-Piekarska ‘Lucky Fool‘ [link]; ““I have found myself fascinated with charms and talismans to this day. The power they can hold, the trust and faith we put in them and the way in which they can direct our lives’“; until 20th September

exhibition media

exhibition media

4th September: Griffith Regional Gallery, National Contemporary Jewellery Award [link]; until 28th September; it’s traveling to COTA in Sydney too … I’ll keep an eye out for dates!

exhibition media; winner Emma Fielden; click on image for original facebook source

exhibition media; winner Emma Fielden; click on image for original facebook source

6th September: last day for Stanley Street Gallery (Sydney) ‘Over your Head‘ [link]

6th September: last day for Spare Room 33 (Canberra) ‘You’ve Lost Me‘; private exhibition of contemporary jewellery, viewing by appointment, contact susan@dexterior.com.au

7th September: last day for Lord Coconut ‘Adornment‘ [link]; “Jewellers, artisans and designers have been given a found bone and instructed to adorn it in a masculine way, or use the bone when producing a piece of adornment for men, especially jewellery. …. The exhibition is a comment on the current explosion of body adornment, both permanent and temporary, as seen in fashion today.

12th September: last day for Manon van Kouswijk ‘Out of the Office: 100 Necklaces worn by a Foyer‘, at The Other Side; situated in the entry foyer of Paul Morgan Architect’s Design Studio at Level 10, 221 Queen St, Melbourne

12th September: last day for Jam Factory (Adelaide) ‘White Heat‘ [link

13th September: last day for Gallery Funaki ‘Mari Funaki Award for Contemporary Jewellery‘ [link]; see the gallery page for the incredible listing of exhibiting artists; see my review post

14th September: last day for Arbor Brunswick ‘Brunswick Iconic‘, part of Craft Cubed [link]; “Jewellers are asked to take a photo of an iconic Brunswick thing (building, park, street, etc.) and then respond to it with a specially made piece of jewellery. The exhibition will be held in the lit window, so people are able to view it any time of day. The image and finished jewellery piece will be displayed together.

17th September: Lord Coconut, ‘Art Of The Cuff‘ [link]; “Back for a third year, this exhibition features the work of over 40 local artisans, jewellers and designers and their painted, plastered, drawn upon, de-constructed or modified French Cuffs.“; opening 16th September, until 4th October

exhibition media

exhibition media

20th September: Northcity4 workshop, ‘Product | Present | Sell‘ with Ali Limb [link]

event media

event media

21st September (extended) 13th September: last day for Pieces of Eight, jewellery exhibitions [link]

  • Lisa Roet ‘Humanzee‘; “We are proud to present Humanzee, a new project from renowned visual artist Lisa Roet. For 25 years, Roet has been working with the image of the ape and the monkey. Sculpture and jewellery connect in this new body of work, carved and cast, materials including gold, silver, bronze and bone become extraordinary pieces for man and woman to adorn themselves with.
  • Nicholas Bastin ‘Compact Museum Gacha Gacha'; “We’re pleased to present Nicholas Bastin’s Compact Museum Gacha-Gacha, an exhibition of small-scale objects and jewellery presented in a reduced in scale Art Museum. These works draw on the Gachapon, a Japanese term used to describe a particular type of urban toy-like object, that are almost endless in their depiction of diverse subject matter from popular culture. Nicholas Bastin makes jewellery and objects inspired by the representation of mythological archetypes in the products of popular culture. 

24th September: Powerhouse Museum (Sydney), ‘A fine possession: jewellery and identity‘, will “celebrate the central place of jewellery in our lives from antiquity to the present-day through over 700 iconic and rarely seen objects” [link, link2, link3]

exhibition media; click on image for original source

exhibition media; click on image for original source

26th September: ANU (Canberra), Robert Baines lecture “On the 26th of September at 1:15pm, we have one of Australia’s most internationally renowned artist metalsmiths Robert Baines presenting an Art Forum lecture, covering the development of his diverse and highly focused over 40 year career.
Then at 2:30-4pm he will be giving another presentation about topical issues surrounding contemporary gold and silversmithing practice.
All are welcome to attend.

event media; click on image for original source

event media; click on image for original source

26th September: Bilk Gallery (Canberra), Marian Hosking ‘Botanical Edge‘ [link]; until 26th October

exhibition media; click on image for original facebook image

exhibition media; click on image for original facebook image

30th September: Studio 20/17 (Sydney), Nicola Bannerman ‘Entwine‘ [link]; “Nicola, has always held a deep fascination with the recurring patterns in the natural world. She draws inspiration from the simplest spiral, to designs of great complexity where wonderful symmetry can be found in what at first glance may seem to be random formations. The inspiration for Entwine’ started in the garden, noticing repetitive patterns in leaves and spiral growth in flowers. These pattern possibilities in nature are endless, some occurring in surprising places – spirals in snails and cyclones; strong geometric angles in huge mountain ranges and exquisite crystals. The rotational symmetries in the huge varieties of sea anemones are another world of inspiration.“; until 18th October

30th September: Gallery Funaki, Svenja John ‘Assembly‘ [link]; “In the 20 years since I began working with the polycarbonate MakrofolTM I have developed, bit by bit, my own ‘Jewellery Construction Kit’. In the beginning there were only bone-shaped parts (which I called x-bones), linked together with rings of various sizes to form chains, earrings and bracelets. Eventually more than 10 different basic elements developed from which all the complex jewellery assemblies are plugged together“; until 25th October

exhibition media

exhibition media

please tell me of other exhibitions or events
also check out Melissa Cameron’s excellent informative blog (especially for competitions)
also, check out ArtPrizes

Plan ahead:

1st October: last day for applications for Schmuck and Talente 2015 [link]

2nd October: Craft, ‘Craft to Consumer: Selling Online‘ seminar [link]; booking required

3rd October: ‘National Contemporary Jewellery Award‘ travels to COTA (Sydney); until 1st November

9th October: Northcity4 ‘Jewellery Three Ways‘ seminar [link]

15th November: last day for application to Preziosa Young 2015 [link]

… last calendar post: Calendar: August 2014

Sunrise series

24 08 2014

This is my favourite series of sunrise photographs I’ve taken to date.

It was the most astonishing sunrise I’ve ever seen. Full. Stop.

sunrise series

sunrise series

Curse the flu

22 08 2014

So I have the flu. I’ve had it all week.
It’s a right pain. And I’m a total sook when I’m unwell.

Worse, it means that I now miss out on seeing ‘Wondernamel 2014‘ and ‘Around The Table‘ at First Site Gallery.

I wish their shows went for longer. Or that they were open for a few hours on a Saturday.
For those of us who work full-time (office hours) it’s nigh on impossible to see them.

First Site has put up some photographs from the opening night of the exhibitions – but they are more focused on people than the objects, and it’s hard to really get a sense for the works.

Oh well, there goes my hope I could vicariously visit the show through the wonder of the internets. Sad.

Did you go? Do you have photographs of the work you’d like to share?

Bin Dixon-Ward ‘Grids’ @ Craft

20 08 2014

Bright colour abounds at Bin Dixon-Ward‘s ‘Grids‘ exhibition at Craft.

'Small City'

‘Small City’

I like that each ring in the above collection has its own stand. On the surface the forms may appear repetitive, but subtle differences are the reward for careful inspection.

Exhibition media: “Bin Dixon-Ward’s exhibition is a playful exploration of the grid as it appears in the urban form.

Grids are everywhere, in the layout of our cities and towns, in land divisions for agriculture and housing, floor plans and building facades; the urban grid has endless translations.  As a fundamental unit of our endeavours to manage and control our environment, we use the grid to protect us, to navigate our way and to mark and control our boundaries.  The grid maintains a structure that is both self-supporting and flexible. Its foundations remain intact even when the surface is altered and eroded through use.



My sense is that the wearable pieces are far more powerful on a body than still and on display.

I am interested in how this technology will impact future creation of adornment – perhaps even self-service jewellery, where a ‘designer’ makes their original design available online and a person can purchase it to have it printed themselves in whatever colour and material they desire.

Bin’s website has some wonderful images of her work. And the exhibition was rapturously written about by the ladies at HandMadeLife (with beautiful photographs).

Bin Dixon-Ward’s ‘Grids‘ is at Craft until 30th August 2014.


Update (21st August): Bin’s work is featured in one of the glossies – check out Pieces of Eight’s blog.

And the eagle-eyed among you would have spotted that the works list says there are 10 pieces in the ‘Small City‘ collection, but there are only 9 on the table. When I visited I counted and recounted about five times to be sure – then wondered if perhaps one had sold (though it’s exceptionally rare, if not unheard of for a piece to be removed from an exhibition before its finished); then had a sinking feeling that some despicable [swearword] had stolen one. But thankfully, after checking the original photographs from Craft, it seems that there may have always been 9 … just a little typo. Phew.

Bin has also been mentioned in the following previous blog posts:


Vito Bila ‘Unseamly Vessels’ @ Craft

19 08 2014

There simply aren’t enough silversmithing exhibitions.
Large scale metalwork is magnificent.
Vito Bila is one of smiths I admire most.
He is showing a collection of work at Craft, titled ‘Unseamly Vessels‘.

It’s a particularly apt title I think, for in my eyes the work has evolved from exceptionally minimal vessels (of many years ago) to these pieces …



… where the seams are distinctly obvious, exaggerated or highlighted. Some with texture, some with technique, and some with thick application of alternative metals (in the aluminium on copper vessels).

A handful of the pieces on show are from 2007, with others from 2011 and since.

The below vessels are the standouts to me – stainless steel, with precision-spaced welding dots … beautiful. The paper studies for these were in the previous exhibition I saw of his work, at Monash.

Vessel cluster #1 (2012)

Vessel cluster #1 (2012)

I’m at a bit of a loss with respect to the chosen exhibition design (the off-angle green one at the back upsets my peculiar penchant for lined up edges) – perhaps the uneven and distinct tables reflect the seams on the vessels. That said, the pre-loved work tables are a most effective contrast to the refined cabinets of the ‘Transplantation‘ exhibition in the same room.

Best of all, it pleases me no end that there is not a highly polished surface in sight.

Vito Bila ‘Unseamly Vessels‘ is at Craft until 30th August 2014.


See also: September 2012 Vito Bila ‘narrative