Birthday knitting

11 07 2014

A friend is celebrating a significant birthday today. N’aw.

I knitted her a very special shawl in the most beautiful silk in a stunning deep orange colouring.

lovely shawl

lovely shawl

Happy birthday M!


  • yarn: DyeforYarn 15ply (fingering weight) mulberry silk
  • colour: Passing Leaf Storm
  • Sugared Violets‘ by Rose Beck
  • my Ravelry project is here

An epiphany of sorts

7 07 2014

I’ve been thinking a great deal about life works, legacies and labours of love.

I’ve been forlornly wishing I could have found, or can find, that one passion … that one great obsession … that one singular body of work or contribution that I can make and leave to the world.

Though of course things just don’t work that way.
And this weekend I’ve had an epiphany of sorts.

Instead of focusing on the outcome and hoping to derive the starting point from there, I just want to do something for the love of doing it. For the absorption in the act alone. And to experiment with lots of little activities and let the inspiration grab hold of me.

I know I’m not the first one to think this.
And perhaps I could have figured it out earlier.
I’m also sure that if someone had told me I wouldn’t have understood;
… I prefer to come to revelations like this all on my very own.


6 07 2014

In a regular review of all things delicious on Etsy, I loved this little group of colours:

yarn deliciousness

yarn deliciousness

I adore the names given to these yarns!


5 07 2014

Thinking about places …
about silver …
about blue sky …

Bilbao; image not to be reproduced without permission

Bilbao; image not to be reproduced without permission


Which to donate?

4 07 2014

The RMIT Jewellery Auction – officially named the RMIT Object-based Practice Gold & Silversmithing Jewellery Auction (and breathe) – is coming up in early August. Hoorah.

And so it is time to decide what to donate.

As regular readers know, I’m taking a break from making right now – so I’ll be choosing one of my already-made earrings.

Either one from the ‘Coffee’ series

'Coffee' ; image not to be reproduced without permission

‘Coffee’ ; image not to be reproduced without permission

or the ‘Summer’ group.

Summer group; image not to be reproduced without permission

‘Summer'; image not to be reproduced without permission

Decisions. Decisions.

Check out the donations on their tumblr blog.

Are you donating? Would you like to? If so, please make sure you contact the RMIT department; or send me an email and I’ll forward you the donation request email (with all details etc). Donations to be received by 16th July.

Other Julys

3 07 2014

I quite liked looking back of the other Junes last month.
So I shall indulge in a little more..

July 2009

July 2010

July 2011

July 2012

July 2013

And there’s so much on this July too!

Calendar: July 2014

30 06 2014

post last updated: 7th July

all month:

  • Personal Space Project, Manon van Kouswijk ‘Avondwinkel‘ [link]; “Avondwinkel or ‘night shop’ by Dutch artist and now Melbourne resident, Manon van Kouswijk, was originally shown in Amsterdam back in 2007. For the Personal Space Project, van Kouswijk has revisited this work, presenting a new iteration of the ‘night shop’ with additional pieces and a purpose built window height display.“; excited about the teaser that “the lights go out in mid-July“!; online and in person in Canberra

    exhibition media

    exhibition media

  • Hatch Contemporary Arts Space, ‘Seventh Skin‘, group exhibition [link]; “Seventh Skin features over 20 artists from across Australia, presenting works from the Banyule Art Collection and beyond around the them of disguise and adornment. The selected artists explore the role of theatre and costume in contemporary life in fascinating ways. Through props, make-up, costume and fashion, universal themes are explored such as identity, gender and cultural heritage. Feeling ‘comfortable in one’s own skin’ is an expression that has multiple meanings in today’s age. This exhibition asks ‘Just how many layers do we present through our public face to the world?’ and ‘Exactly what is real and what is disguised or concealed?’ The exhibition features photography, prints, video, jewellery and sculpture…. Roseanne Bartley, Eric Bridgeman, Cate Consandine, Troy Emery, Kate James, Claire McArdle, Polixeni Papapetrou, Deborah Paauwe, Hannah Raisin, Tania Smith, Jacqui Stockdale and Hiromi Tango“; until 2nd August

    exhibition media

    exhibition media

  • Melbourne Museum ‘Aztecs‘ [link]; until 10th August
  • NGV Winter Masterpieces ‘Italian Masterpieces from Spain’s Royal Court, Museo del Prado, Madrid‘ [link]; until 31st August

2nd July: Adelaide College of Art, ‘These Things We Hold‘, group exhibition [link]; “The work in this exhibition is about change and reinforcement; value, worth, and how the significance of tangible objects and/or emotions may alter or strengthen over time. Presenting visual representations of personal connections are six multi-disciplined artists: Zoe Freney, Lara Merrington, Lucy Potter, Ulrica Trulsson, Talia Wignall and Alice Potter.“; I spotted this on Alice Potter’s facebook page; until 31st July

exhibition media; used with permission

exhibition media; used with permission

3rd July: last day for RMIT Project Space Gallery, Mark Edgoose ‘Triggers: Craft objects in Space and Time‘ [link]

4th July: Manon van Kouswijk ‘Out of the Office: 100 Necklaces worn by a Foyer‘, at The Other Side; situated in the entry foyer of Paul Morgan Architect’s Design Studio at Level 10, 221 Queen St, Melbourne; until 12th September

exhibition media; thanks to the Gallery Funaki newsletter

exhibition media; thanks to the Gallery Funaki newsletter

4th July: last day for application to Lord Coconut ‘The Melbourne Cufflink‘ student prize [link]

6th July: New Craft at Queen Victoria Market [link]

8th July: Gallery Funaki, Karl Fritsch ‘yodel‘ [link]; “Gallery Funaki presents a new body of work from Karl Fritsch, whose lovingly iconoclastic take on jewellery history has accorded him cult hero status in the world of contemporary jewellery and beyond. His rings,both precious and anti-precious, beautiful and proudly anti-beautiful, bear the weight and scars of centuries of embedded cultural belief about jewellery’s manifestation of status. Using precious materials as well as rough hewn aluminium, stones and glass, Fritsch’s work has the look of something buried for a thousand years while remaining utterly contemporary.“; until 9th August

exhibition media

exhibition media

11th July: Jam Factory (Adelaide) ‘White Heat‘ [link]; “There is no artifice or trickery in the collection of artworks displayed in White Heat – the raw essence of the material is celebrated by each artist’s unique interpretation of ‘ceramic wearables’. Porcelain hollow ware, hand tinted beads, copper crocheted pendants and hand etched illustration – each artist’s approach to ceramic jewellery is diverse: their sensibility, combination of materials and array of techniques will surprise and delight.“; until 12th September; “touch tours” on 11th and 12th July

exhibition media

exhibition media

11th July: Bilk Gallery (Canberra), ‘Bro.och‘ group exhibition [link]; “A diverse range of makers, who have created a wide selection of brooches and pins ready to adorn the chests of the most discerning men and women (because men shouldn’t have all the fun).” until 9th August

exhibition media

exhibition media

11th July: last day for application to Stanley Street Gallery ‘Over Your Head‘ contemporary jewellery exhibition and prize [link]

12th July: last day for RMIT Gallery, ‘Revelations: Sculpture from the RMIT Art Collection‘ [link]

13th July: oneofftwo gallery (East Gippsland), Jill Hermans ‘Aboro Gin – Hazy Moon; until 3rd August

exhibition media

exhibition media

17th July: Northcity4 and Ethical Makers Movement present Vicki Mason [link]

event media

event media

20th July: last day for NGV ‘START UP: Top Art 2014‘ [link]; until 20th July; see my review post

20th July: last day for application to Brunswick Street Gallery ‘Small Work 2014′ [link]

20th July: last day for application to Nicolas Estrada’s ‘New Necklaces: 500+ Designs from Around the World‘ [link]

25th July: last day for application to 2014 ITAMI International Craft Exhibition Award, theme is ‘Shuki-Shuhaidai, sakeware’ [link]

25th July: last day for application to Woollahra Small Sculpture Prize [link]

26th July: last day for Craft, Kirsten Haydon ‘Ice storeroom‘ [link]

31st July: Craft, Vito Bila ‘Unseamly vessels‘ [link]; “In Unseamly vessels Vito Bila continues his exploration of vessels, in particular the production of non-functional metal vessels. In making his work Bila engages with a dynamic and unconventional combination of processes and materials, and he exploits the traditional and nontraditional, often within the one piece.“; until 30th August

exhibition media

exhibition media

31st July: Craft, ‘Transportation‘, group contempoary jewellery exhibition [link]; “This exhibition of contemporary narrativeexplores the sense of place and cultural identity through the theme of transplantation. Artists based in the UK and Australia have explored their own sense of place and individual cultural identity as a consequence of their personal and family experiences of transplantation.“; until 30th August

exhibition media

exhibition media

31st July: Craft, Bin Dixon-Ward ‘Grids‘ [link]; “Grids are everywhere, in the layout of our cities and towns, in land divisions for agriculture and housing, floor plans and building facades; the urban grid has endless translations.  As a fundamental unit of our endeavours to manage and control our environment, we use the grid to protect us, to navigate our way and to mark and control our boundaries.  The grid maintains a structure that is both self-supporting and flexible. Its foundations remain intact even when the surface is altered and eroded through use.“; until 30th August

exhibition media

exhibition media

please tell me of other exhibitions or events
also check out Melissa Cameron’s excellent informative blog (especially for competitions)
also, check out ArtPrizes

Plan ahead:

August: Craft Cubed 2014 [link]

6th August: RMIT Object-based Practice Gold & Silversmithing Jewellery Auction

31st August: last day for application to Aesthetica Art Prize [link]

20th September: Powerhouse Museum (Sydney), ‘A fine possession: jewellery and identity‘, will “celebrate the central place of jewellery in our lives from antiquity to the present-day through over 700 iconic and rarely seen objects” [link]

1st October: last day for applications for Schmuck and Talente 2015 [link]

15th November: last day for application to Preziosa Young 2015 [link]

… last calendar post: Calendar: June 2014