My pieces for RMIT Auction 2014

14 07 2014

So the decision has been made.

This year I’ve donated two pairs of earrings to the RMIT Object-based Practice Gold & Silversmithing 2014 Auction:


without flash


with flash

I like the back of them too.

In fact, a friend I made a bespoke pair for re-bent the ear wires to wear them ‘backwards’ – which in fact looks even more excellent.


Flat White



Check the details of the RMIT Auction on their tumblr here – get donating and/or get buying!

[Please note: all images in this post not to be reproduced without permission]

Which to donate?

4 07 2014

The RMIT Jewellery Auction – officially named the RMIT Object-based Practice Gold & Silversmithing Jewellery Auction (and breathe) – is coming up in early August. Hoorah.

And so it is time to decide what to donate.

As regular readers know, I’m taking a break from making right now – so I’ll be choosing one of my already-made earrings.

Either one from the ‘Coffee’ series

'Coffee' ; image not to be reproduced without permission

‘Coffee’ ; image not to be reproduced without permission

or the ‘Summer’ group.

Summer group; image not to be reproduced without permission

‘Summer'; image not to be reproduced without permission

Decisions. Decisions.

Check out the donations on their tumblr blog.

Are you donating? Would you like to? If so, please make sure you contact the RMIT department; or send me an email and I’ll forward you the donation request email (with all details etc). Donations to be received by 16th July.

A resolution of a kind

9 01 2014

I’m not really a fan of making ‘new year’s resolutions'; I prefer to take action when the whim takes me and try to do things as I feel they’re right, not according to an arbitrary calendar date.

That said, I have found a new thought coinciding with the new year, so it may as well be assigned ‘resolution’ status.

Plan for 2014: no woven paper-silver.

old weaving

old weaving

Ooooh, you read that right.

It will take personal fortitude and discipline to stop myself from incorporating it in what (well, almost all that) I make.

A new plan

27 12 2013

I think I may have a new plan, to relight my jewellery-making love-fire.

Simple making. Simple skill exploration.

stone01 stone02stone03

I’ve bought a few little stones recently (above: pretty pink tourmaline, seraphinite, peruvian opal), and have many I’ve collected over the years (sapphires, onyx, opals). The new plan is to make these into ‘traditional’ jewellery items, without the woven paper-silver I’ve used to date. Simple pretty things. Perhaps without any conceptual development (*gasp*).

Making presents

24 12 2013

I love making presents.

What could be better than having an idea for a gift especially for someone you love, and being the single person in the whole wide world to make it come into existence.

These are for my most favourite 10-year-old in the universe. I should probably wait until after Christmas day to share these photographs, but I’m pretty darn sure that the recipient doesn’t read my blog. Plus, I’m a bit excited about them.

image not to be reproduced without permission

image not to be reproduced without permission

This is her first Christmas having pierced ears, so I hope she likes these. Naturally she can’t wear them to school, but I envisage her wearing them to friends’ parties and such.

I thought about making her hook earrings, instead of studs; but she’s very active and hooks are more easily misplaced than studs.

They’re made with purple banded agate beads, fine silver and some sterling silver components.

And then I totally outdid myself in spectacularity (it’s a word now) by making my card into a little stand for them. I know.

image not to be reproduced without permission

image not to be reproduced without permission

Merry Christmas beautiful young lady.

I want to make bowls

1 11 2013

Epiphany: I really want to make bowls.



That is all for now …
it needs to marinade / steep / percolate / *your favourite food-related analogy*.

ps. yes, still