22 05 2014

Perhaps the most astounding photograph yet taken : ‘Earthrise‘ by astronaut William Anders in 1968 during the Apollo 8 mission.

click on image for original

click on image for original

You cannot tell me this doesn’t give you goosebumps.


21 05 2014

Mondrian is mostly known for his primary+black line paintings … but I’ve just discovered some earlier works he did during WW1.

My new favourite: Compositie 10 in Zwart Wit, 1915

click on image for museum

click on image for museum

Check out this page for more from this period, often referred to as the Pier and Ocean.

‘StArt Up: Top Arts’ @ NGV

18 05 2014

I quite like visiting the Top Arts at NGV each year … this year it’s titled ‘StArt Up‘.

installation; photograph taken with permission, without flash

installation; photograph taken with permission, without flash

Exhibition media: “In 2014 the highly popular Top Arts celebrates its twentieth year at the NGV. The exhibition presents outstanding work by students who have completed Art or Studio Arts studies in the Victorian Certificate of Education (VCE) and provides insight into young people’s ideas, thinking and creative practices.

This year I noticed that there wasn’t much painting, little 3D work, no ceramics, no metal work, only one textile work, and there seemed to be quite a lot of photography ‘ink jet’ works. Though I was happy that there was so much drawing and that quieter works were included.

Selected students are:

  • Beth Audley , Liam Barr , Kiri-Una Brito Meumann , Kelly Bull
  • Tia Clothier , Amy Collins , Natalie De Blasis , Adrian Del-Re , Eleni Diamantis
  • Adelle Elksnis , Kate Ferrari
  • Christiana Garvie , Will Goldsbrough-Reardon , Jordan Hall , Emily Hubbard
  • Jessica Inci , Elly Jackson
  • Isabella Kelly , Bonnie Koopmans , Claire Kopietz , Rachael Lever
  • Nick Mahady , Camille Mance , Madeleine McDonough , Georgia Mein , Osgar Teague Murphy
  • Tommaso Nervegna-Reed , Jessica Nguyen , Hieu Nguyen
  • Jake O’Donnell , Aaron Orellana , Kelly Peck , Stephanie Pidcock
  • Taylah Ransome , Sarah Robinson
  • Tess Saunders , Suzy Saylak , Danielle Schmidt , Monica Sestito , Qia Sun , Yukako Sunaba
  • Nicole Thomson , Gemma Topliss , Paris Triantis
  • June Uili , Darcy Whitworth , Mollie Wilkins , Angus Wishart
installation; photograph taken with permission, without flash

installation; photograph taken with permission, without flash

Most appealing to me were:

  • the hair studies in pencil by Nicole Thomson
  • the video work by Claire Kopletz (I rarely enjoy video art but this was astounding, incredibly beautiful and touching; I was entranced)
  • and the can pyramid by Tess Saunders is clever and knowingly referential.

StArt Up: Top Arts 2014‘ is at National Gallery of Victoria (NGV) Ian Potter Centre until 20th July 2014.

Top Arts VCE 2010  @ NGV

Top Arts VCE 2008 @ NGV

I must have missed the other years; and I think the naming has changed – it used to refer to the previous year, so this year’s should be 2013 I think (instead of its official title including 2014)?

‘Fresh!’ @ Craft

17 05 2014

Fresh!‘ : the annual Craft showcase of selected graduate works returns.

This is the 2013 cohort, with the exhibition no longer at the end of the year but a few months later (no doubt to give the curator and students more time).

exhibition ; photograph with permission

exhibition ; photograph with permission

It was a delight to visit.

There is an assuredness in many of these pieces that bodes exceptionally well for their future as makers.

Kate Jones ; photograph with permission

Kate Jones ; photograph with permission

Exhibiting artists are:

  • Ruby Aitchison – gold & silversmithing
  • John Brooks – drawing
  • Grace Crawshaw-McLean [blog] – beautifully delicate and ephemeral weaving (so subtle I almost missed them)
  • Saskia Doherty [website]
  • Annie Gobel [website] – gold & silversmithing; bold neckpieces
  • Marcos Guzman [Kit & Caboodle profile] – gold & silversmithing (photograph below)
  • Kate Jones [tumblr] – ceramics; stunning large-scale objects (photograph above); my favourite group of the whole show
  • Tracey Lamb – visual art
  • Alexander Maklary [website] – ceramics
  • Louise Meuwissen [blog] – painting
  • Elise Sheehan [tumblr] – gold & silversmithing; close-running second favourite (photograph below)
  • Kate Wischusen [website] – gold & silversmithing; I’ve loved Kate’s work before, especially her ‘Montparnasse‘ enamel brooches
Elise Sheehan; photograph taken with permission

Elise Sheehan; photograph taken with permission

Marcos Guzman; photograph taken with permission

Marcos Guzman Ruby Aitchison; photograph taken with permission

Fresh!‘ is at Craft until 1st June 2014.

‘Fresh! 2012′ : oh, I must have missed this exhibition

Fresh! 2011

Fresh! 2010‘ :

Fresh! 2009‘ :

Updated (18th May): the ladies at HML love this exhibition too, and I especially want to quote their statement that “Fresh remains and important exhibition that acts as both celebration and forecast” (hallelujah!).

Favourite artworks

21 04 2014

During a conversation a friend mentioned their favourite artwork. I didn’t have a reply – I couldn’t call to mind my favourite artworks. How amazing. For someone who spends so much time thinking about art, it surprised me.

Therefore I set myself the task of thinking through artworks and considering which I would possibly identify as my favourites. I suspected that I wouldn’t have just one, or even five, or perhaps I’d only be able to identify artists and their periods and not individual pieces … but let’s see.

To make it a simpler exercise, I’ll start with paintings.
Expanding to other media will be for another day.

A few I admire greatly:

  • The Arnolfini Portrait, Jan van Eyck, 1434
    in National Gallery, London

    via Wiki Commons

    via Wiki Commons


  • Primavera, Botticelli, c1482
    in the Uffizi, Florence

    in the public domain

    via Wiki Commons


For someone who professes to be figurative-adverse, I was initially surprised by the portraits included in my list – but then again, they are all from that era I love most.

It’s a strange thing, but I suspect I don’t really have favourites – for I can see so much in so many artworks, and it depends a great deal on my mood and such ephemeral matters.

This topic requires much more thought.


15 04 2014

Oh the love.

Seriously, I love the shape of these little ceramic objects.

from one and many Etsy store; click on image for original source

from one and many Etsy store; click on image for original source

So much it hurts.
Not meaning to be melodramatic or anything…

Can you imagine this shape in a textured fine silver? Swoon