Still looking…

10 10 2013

Still seeking out inspiration …



… though I’m aware that it’s like looking for love …



… it never shows itself when you’re in want and looking, but only shows itself when you’re content and going about your life …



… still love these photographs though!

Looking for inspiration

7 10 2013

Looking through photographs of travels past …

… looking for inspiration …



… looking for unexpected beauty, unseen before …



… looking …

Spain photos

5 06 2011

One of my favourite ways to decorate my home is to frame special photographs from my travels … usually they’re printed in A4 size and simply framed in white Ikea frames (sometimes do l.o.v.e. Ikea).

The three that have just been put up on my living room wall were from my travels last year in Spain.

Toledo ... fell in love with the colours of the tiles

Seville, inside the Alcazar

Granada, from inside the Alhambra

More photographs than just these are special, though these are the ones on my wall and they please me.

New book

8 05 2011

I am very excited it has finally arrived … an enormous beautiful book …

my beautiful new book; click on the image to go through to the museum book store for more detail

I had wanted to buy it when I was at the Museo Thyssen-Bornemisza [see my post from my travels], but it was just too heavy to justify hauling around the country for a month.

But now it is mine!! I can’t wait to spend a rainy Sunday afternoon, with a cup of coffee or a few glasses of wine, perusing its beauty.

Last Spain post

14 06 2010

It’s hard to compress a month of seeing new places and artworks not seen before into one conversation, a handful of chats, or a clutch of posts. After over three weeks of moving around Spain and looking at art (museums and galleries) and architecture, I admit to a degree of visual fatigue at the end of it all!

So, as a way of putting the holiday aside – with respect to this blog I mean, for I am sure I will be processing what I’ve seen for many months and years to come – this is the last Spain post, with a few of my favourite photographs from the places I visited after Cordoba – Salamanca, Avila, Bilbao, and Madrid again.

Salamanca main plaza

outside the Guggenheim in Bilbao


8 06 2010

Next on the itinerary after Granada was a day in Cordoba. The main attraction here is the Mesquita (also see Lonely Planet info), a place of worship that started as a mosque and was converted into a church when this part of Spain was conquered by Christians.

inside the Mesquita; this is not a trick, there are hundreds of columns

inside the Mesquita; the Mihrab, which points towards Mecca; this area "incorporates 1600kg of gold mosaic cubes, a gift from the Christian emperor of Byzantium, Nicephoras II Phocas"

inside the Mesquita