My jewellery collection #29

13 10 2014

I’ve finally had time to pop into Gallery Funaki (as evidenced by my recent post) and collect my Helen Britton Showtime bag



… and therefore I now have a new piece to add to my collection: a Helen Britton (obviously!) little sterling silver lucky tooth charm.

Helen Britton piece

Helen Britton piece

A genuinely significant piece of Helen’s is still on my lust-list … soon Karen, soon.

New book

1 10 2014

Look at what arrived in my post recently.

A new jewellery book: “Place and Adornment: A History of Contemporary Jewellery in Australia and New Zealand” by Damian Skinner and Kevin Murray.

bit of reading!

bit of reading!

I’ll let you know what I think of it … there’s lots to read through!

My jewellery collection #28

24 06 2014

I’ve undertaken a little Etsy purchase experiment and it’s turned out quite well actually.

I’ve bought a rose-cut aquamarine ring; sterling silver band and yellow gold bezel.

It feels good on; it’s true to size; and I like the stone very much indeed.

Bought from here.

… last post on my jewellery collection #27

My jewellery collection #27

5 06 2014

Remember when I supported the kickstarter campaign for moving on collective?

Today the spoils arrived … a little paper brooch by Sophie Main.

new little package

new little package

Hoorah! How adorable is the packaging? So thoughtful.

close up

close up


‘Conversation with Worn Object’

29 05 2014

The lovely Katherine Bowman has today published a post in her series ‘Conversations with Worn Objects‘ about the sapphire ring I commissioned from her.

Do pop on over to and read it… the questions were fabulous though surprisingly difficult to answer.

as worn now

as worn now

My jewellery collection #26

23 10 2013

Do you remember my lust list?

Well … I’m beside myself with excitement to share that I’ve added one of the lusting-items to my collection.

I now own a Suzi Zutic ring.
You cannot imagine how delighted I am.

original photograph credit Suzi Zutic; images not to be reproduced without permission

original photograph credit Suzi Zutic; images not to be reproduced without permission

A little while ago Suzi shared a photograph of some of her rings on her facebook page, and I instantly fell in love with one from the ‘King Solomon & Ophir’ series. I thought it was about time to invest in another beautiful piece of jewellery.

As I wrote in a recent post, I’ve been more and more attracted to quieter and more subtle pieces lately, and this ring is just perfect. And while I’ve mostly been wearing white gold for ages, I felt the need for a pink gold ring (I was also considering Raymond’s ‘dimple’ ring from Black Finch, but chose Suzi’s instead).

So this baby is 18ct pink gold with champagne diamonds.

Bless, I love it to bits!

… last post on my jewellery collection #25

Update [4th November]: Suzi popped another photograph on her facebook page; if you love this ring too, it’s part of the collection at e.g.etal; I am totally in love with the “square ring” and the very special ‘”Marquise for Madame Pompadour” too…

The lust list

19 08 2013

This listing was provoked by a recent visit to Gallery Funaki, when I saw the incredibly beautiful Helen Britton ring Katie Scott (gallery director) was wearing. I wanted it. I wanted it bad.

And thus the ‘lust list’ was conceived.

I have been lucky enough to satisfy a few of my jewellery and object lusts:

Though my as-yet-unattained lust list is longer (some more realistically obtainable than others):

This is only a short list really, for it is only the pieces that I LUST after. There are, of course, many many artists’ work that I love and adore and admire and appreciate; some I want to own too, but not quite in the ‘lust’ category.

And I also know there are bzillions of artists I haven’t even been introduced to yet, who may one day make it onto this listing … how very exciting!