I helped

11 06 2014

I helped nature make these.

roses 11Jun14

roses 11Jun14



9 05 2014

I’ve not been feeling the writing love lately.


roses 09May14

roses 09May14

Forgive me.


Garden update

27 04 2014

You’ve been wondering … I know … how my roses are. How lovely you are.

I am pleased to report that my newest roses, from my brother for my ..ahem.. recent significant birthday, are in bloom.

roses 27Apr14

roses 27Apr14

Happy Sunday!

Update (28th April): and look at this bloom just a day later … n’aw


rose 28Apr14

More beauty in suburbia

21 12 2013

Rose gorgeousness.

roses 21Dec13

roses 21Dec13

Beauty in suburbia

13 12 2013

My new favourite bud vase.

9th December 2013

9th December 2013

Thanks Etsy.

Welcome Summer

1 12 2013

1st December – start of summer.

What says summer more than berries? Probably lots of things (including beach, swimming, holidays, sunscreen, scanty clothings, etc) … but I happen to be making baby strawberries in my garden.



Dear Summer, you’re quite lovely, do stay a while (though please be gentle).