Visual delights

13 04 2014

So I’ve been binging on visual delights on Etsy, again.
Oh the freaking want I tell you.







I really really really want the little teal green vase in the lower right corner of the last image above …

If you want to know more, check out my Etsy pages.

And in case you’re wondering, yes I have closed my Etsy shop.


2 04 2014

A few things I think of a dream jobs … well not even jobs, but ways to pass the day … if money were no object …

  • astrophotographer – I love the stars
  • painting restorer – I demonstrate uncanny patience for some activities
  • expert in some insanely specific museum-art niche – say, the jewellery of Flemish portraiture in the 15/16/17th centuries, or the iconography of ceramic decoration from Central and South America from 900-1500
  • enameler – again, super-patience; though someone may need to construct the rest of the jewellery/object

Thinking back over time …

  • nightclub dancer in Paris in the 20s – think Justine Baker
  • assistant to Linnaeus – organisation excellence
  • or to Herschel
  • … or so many other amazing minds who discovered things for the very first time (oh the wonder!)

That is all for now.


13 03 2014

Now I’ve often said how I am usually late to adopt any ‘new’ things, so naturally I’m a late-comer to this too. I quite like the idea of crowdfunding … it feels good to help an enterprise, a ‘hand-up not a hand-out’ as they say.

There are many different sites for this kind of activity, but the creative communities seem to prefer:

Which to choose? There are many aspects to think about, but I understand some of the considerations may be:

  • pozible is based in Australia and offers some different kinds of funding models
  • kickstarter has a longer history and is limited to creative projects
  • indiegogo differs from the other two in that any funds pledged are transacted, not all-or-nothing (ie. you only get the monies if campaign is fully funded) and has options for non-profits
  • different fee structures
  • reputations and experience of friends and such things

After musing on this for a while, I found this page on Wikipedia that compares the major crowdfunding platforms (of course take it with a grain of salt, for you never know who is writing the text). And this page shows the top 10 (US?) ranked platforms. Lastly, this blog looks to take a wider view of the available platforms and the movement in general.

After recently supporting a campaign, I’ve taken to regularly looking through these three sites to see if there are any more jewellery or craft-related projects I can be part of.

Have you used any of these platforms to raise funds for your making? I’d love to hear stories (I don’t plan on making use of these avenues, well at least not in the foreseeable future; but regular readers may be interested).

Update (20th March): I’ve just spotted that there is a “Be Awesome at Crowdfunding Melbourne Masterclasses” being held by a group called Social Traders, associated with (a crowdsourcing platform), in Melbourne on both 4th and 5th April [see here].

event media

event media


23 02 2014

I’m tinkering with an idea.

Yup, I thought it was such a rare and special moment I would share it, as we all know how there has been a dearth of ideas lately…. at least in this house… in this mind…




Update (about twenty minutes after original publication): … and to somehow prove the unexpected value of sharing, when I saw this photograph as part of the post (as opposed to the drawing being on my desk and having looked at it for the last few hours) I suddenly saw it differently and had a blinding new idea.


No jewellery for you

24 01 2014

Have you heard this before: “I can’t give her/you/him jewellery for their birthday/xmas/awesomeness celebration; they’re a jeweller, they make it themselves, how could I possibly choose what to give them” ?

Or have you been the one to say it?

I admit it is a field fraught with danger … similar to being asked to select a bottle of wine for a gift to a wine blender or wine judge. Shudder. ‘Tis a task usually worth your avoidance.

Allow me to offer the potential gift-giver some thoughts if you find yourself willing to take on the risk of giving jewellery to someone who may be considered knowledgeable or a connoisseur of the genre:

  • it is not for the fainthearted, you do need to be aware of the recipient’s preferences (if you know them well enough to want to gift them jewellery, I’d suggest you’ve spent enough time to get a general feel of things in this department)
  • perhaps you can secretly request the help of family or friends
  • even better, the help of a maker-jeweller-friend of your recipient
  • I would err on the side of ‘the simpler the better’; the fussier the item, the higher the chance of a misstep
  • if you can be involved in the design, or even the construction, so much the better (I’ve written before about commissioning bespoke jewellery)
  • sentiment matters
  • consider involving the recipient – the receipt of the finished object won’t be a surprise this way; but your introduction of the idea and your desire to gift them something they love, the anticipation and involvement during the design or selection process may make up for that; and you’ll know the piece will be to their liking/loving
  • one idea I especially like is for said gift-giver to work with a maker who uses wax-casting, roll a little sausage of wax and shape it into a simple ring with your very own hands, so it has your very own fingerprints on it, and have it cast in the metal of choice (no polish, for heaven’s sake, no polish; and best a matt finish)

Oopsies, that last one there turned out to be more about my preferences. Dear me. How did that happen?

I like stripes

13 01 2014

I’ve mentioned before I don’t much like triangles.

Though I do like stripes.

I think I like them because they’re orderly, controlled, clean, minimalist … even the not-so-parallel-straight-stripes are cool.

the inside of my new pullover

the inside of my new pullover

I like other shapes too, but perhaps more on that another time.