An epiphany of sorts

7 07 2014

I’ve been thinking a great deal about life works, legacies and labours of love.

I’ve been forlornly wishing I could have found, or can find, that one passion … that one great obsession … that one singular body of work or contribution that I can make and leave to the world.

Though of course things just don’t work that way.
And this weekend I’ve had an epiphany of sorts.

Instead of focusing on the outcome and hoping to derive the starting point from there, I just want to do something for the love of doing it. For the absorption in the act alone. And to experiment with lots of little activities and let the inspiration grab hold of me.

I know I’m not the first one to think this.
And perhaps I could have figured it out earlier.
I’m also sure that if someone had told me I wouldn’t have understood;
… I prefer to come to revelations like this all on my very own.


23 05 2014

More inspiration from art documentaries: International Klein Blue.

IKB191; click on image for original

IKB191; click on image for original

I adore this schematic of shades of blue:

click on image for original source

click on image for original source


20 05 2014

Have you read about Tulip-mania? An economic crazy-time in the early 1600s in Holland where prices of tulip bulbs reached ridiculous prices.

The most significant price was paid, so the story goes, for a single bulb of Semper Augustus – it was the equivalent of what it would cost to feed and clothe an entire family for their whole lifetime (10000 gilders).

This is a painting of the kind of pretty flower itself …

click on image for original source

click on image for original source

There’s no moral to this story … other than I often think about it when wondering if we’re all deluded about the value of some things …

moving on collective @ Milan Design Week

25 04 2014

A little while ago I supported the kickstarter campaign to get Moving On Collective to the Milan Design Week. They made their fundraising target and I’ve only just remembered to check their site to see what they got up to.

Their happening was titled ‘Ceci n’est pas un bijou‘ … ‘This is not a jewel’.

Event media: “When form follows FUNCTION, there is no argument in the design of the object. But what if the function of the object is ambiguous? And what if the signal it wants to send is absorbed into its esthetics?

These are not just pieces of adornment.
Nor can they be considered fine art pieces.
Instead they are fluctuating between art and design.

Contemporary jewellery and objects are so concentrated with narrative qualities that the functionality of the pieces is often ambiguous and considered unimportant.

When is an object functional?

Objects of personal value represent our sense of self, how we think, who we are, how we want to be perceived and finally how others perceive us.

Art jewellery stretches beyond logic, beyond utility and beyond materiality.

Moving On challenges the traditional definitions of adornment by pushing its functionality, context, wearability, materiality and presentation.

Their display construct was a giant cardboard chain, on which their jewels were displayed. Fantastic.

installation image; used with explicit permission from Moving On Collective

installation image; used with explicit permission from Moving On Collective

Without seeing it in person, it’s hard to talk much more about it – but I really wanted to share with you that the jewellery community is a strong one and that amazing things can happen with the support of others.

I look forward to seeing what they’re up to next.

Visual delights

13 04 2014

So I’ve been binging on visual delights on Etsy, again.
Oh the freaking want I tell you.







I really really really want the little teal green vase in the lower right corner of the last image above …

If you want to know more, check out my Etsy pages.

And in case you’re wondering, yes I have closed my Etsy shop.

Update (20th April): little green vase is mine … all mine


2 04 2014

A few things I think of as dream jobs … well not even jobs, but ways to pass the day … if money were no object …

  • astrophotographer – I love the stars
  • painting restorer – I demonstrate uncanny patience for some activities
  • expert in some insanely specific museum-art niche – say, the jewellery of Flemish portraiture in the 15/16/17th centuries, or the iconography of ceramic decoration from Central and South America from 900-1500
  • enameler – again, super-patience; though someone may need to construct the rest of the jewellery/object

Thinking back over time …

  • nightclub dancer in Paris in the 20s – think Justine Baker
  • assistant to Linnaeus – organisation excellence
  • or to Herschel
  • … or so many other amazing minds who discovered things for the very first time (oh the wonder!)

That is all for now.


13 03 2014

Now I’ve often said how I am usually late to adopt any ‘new’ things, so naturally I’m a late-comer to this too. I quite like the idea of crowdfunding … it feels good to help an enterprise, a ‘hand-up not a hand-out’ as they say.

There are many different sites for this kind of activity, but the creative communities seem to prefer:

Which to choose? There are many aspects to think about, but I understand some of the considerations may be:

  • pozible is based in Australia and offers some different kinds of funding models
  • kickstarter has a longer history and is limited to creative projects
  • indiegogo differs from the other two in that any funds pledged are transacted, not all-or-nothing (ie. you only get the monies if campaign is fully funded) and has options for non-profits
  • different fee structures
  • reputations and experience of friends and such things

After musing on this for a while, I found this page on Wikipedia that compares the major crowdfunding platforms (of course take it with a grain of salt, for you never know who is writing the text). And this page shows the top 10 (US?) ranked platforms. Lastly, this blog looks to take a wider view of the available platforms and the movement in general.

After recently supporting a campaign, I’ve taken to regularly looking through these three sites to see if there are any more jewellery or craft-related projects I can be part of.

Have you used any of these platforms to raise funds for your making? I’d love to hear stories (I don’t plan on making use of these avenues, well at least not in the foreseeable future; but regular readers may be interested).

Update (20th March): I’ve just spotted that there is a “Be Awesome at Crowdfunding Melbourne Masterclasses” being held by a group called Social Traders, associated with (a crowdsourcing platform), in Melbourne on both 4th and 5th April [see here].

event media

event media