Pretty things

9 11 2014

I’ve come to realise that my enjoyment of Etsy seems to have a lot to do with “filling the visual well”, so to speak.

I’ve also had the revelation that buying yarn is most likely my way of “buying colour”.

Lastly, I’ve also noticed how gorgeous the serendipitous collecting of my selected “favourites” look when shown together …

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Things I love about making

8 11 2014

I’ve been thinking a lot about this question: so what do you love doing?

A few thoughts pop up with respect to what I love about making:

  • researching, reading, learning
  • developing ideas, exploring options, thinking
  • making conceptual connections
  • imagining
  • planning, organising
  • drawing, doodling
  • playing with proportions
  • symmetry, curves
  • tracing over the previous drawing and altering just one small aspect
  • going about my everyday with an all-pervasive underlying mind-current of my latest project
  • seeing the world in an entirely different way when I’m in an idea/project

I’m sure there’s more…

Gold harp strings

20 10 2014

Recently I was told about wire strung harps, and that while mythology sometimes referred to them as ‘golden’ this may not have been hyperbole but in fact descriptive. What?! Yes, harps may have in fact been strung with gold.

What a fabulous thing.

Henry VIII playing harp; click on image for original Wiki source

Henry VIII playing harp; click on image for original Wiki source

A little bit of internets reading later, and I’ve found a few articles you may be interested in if you’d like to read more.

An article (2003) by Ann Heymann indicates that an Australian team were the first to practically explore the possibility of precious metal strings, and successfully used silver. Eventually she led a team that strung a specific kind of harp, a clairseach, with gold strings.

Another article (2010) by Cynthia Cathcart explores her own journey to string a harp with (sterling) silver.

Lastly, there’s an article comparing wire-strung and gut-strung harps … probably one for the musically focused reader. In fact the site this article is from is dedicated to harps … for the musician for sure!

So interesting … the second article will be of interest to technical metalsmiths, as it describes various hardness tests etc.

Upcoming Sydney visit

16 10 2014

So I’m popping into Sydney for a day-trip later in the month to see some jewellery exhibitions.

Powerhouse Museum’s ‘A fine possession: jewellery and identity‘ is first.
Then the ‘National Contemporary Jewellery Award‘ at COTA.
And M Contemporary ‘Intimately Connected‘.
If I have time I’ll pop into Studio 20/17 of course.

What else should I put on the list?

Update (20th October): maybe I can add Craft NSW ‘Emerging Artist: Craft Award 2014

Most important exhibition

14 10 2014

With thanks to a heads-up from the inimitable Zoe Brand of Personal Space Project fame, I’m now aware of a Kickstarter project ‘Shows & Tales‘: the AJF (Art Jewelry Forum) raising funds for a publication focusing on exhibitions.

Naturally I want to be a supporter … not the least because jewellery is my thing, but I’m very interested in reading and thinking about the content. I’m deciding between the various supporter levels, and one of them includes the publication on the AJF website of a brief paragraph about your most important exhibition.

I liked this idea so much I thought I’d write it here anyway. Perhaps there will be more than one when I give the idea a bit more time to sink in … but the first that came to mind was: ‘Ad Astra per Aspera‘ in 2003. I wrote the below a few years ago and I’m not sure I can put it any better.

When I moved to Melbourne (to study goldsmithing) the first exhibition I visited was the 2003 RMIT Gold & Silversmithing Graduate exhibition ‘Ad Astra per Aspera‘, which translates to ‘to the stars with difficulty’, at the Melbourne Gold Treasury Museum.

This was a key moment for me – I wandered around the exhibits and felt like I was in the right place; that this was something I not only wanted to do, but felt I was able to do, and it made sense to me and almost felt like home.


An epiphany of sorts

7 07 2014

I’ve been thinking a great deal about life works, legacies and labours of love.

I’ve been forlornly wishing I could have found, or can find, that one passion … that one great obsession … that one singular body of work or contribution that I can make and leave to the world.

Though of course things just don’t work that way.
And this weekend I’ve had an epiphany of sorts.

Instead of focusing on the outcome and hoping to derive the starting point from there, I just want to do something for the love of doing it. For the absorption in the act alone. And to experiment with lots of little activities and let the inspiration grab hold of me.

I know I’m not the first one to think this.
And perhaps I could have figured it out earlier.
I’m also sure that if someone had told me I wouldn’t have understood;
… I prefer to come to revelations like this all on my very own.


23 05 2014

More inspiration from art documentaries: International Klein Blue.

IKB191; click on image for original

IKB191; click on image for original

I adore this schematic of shades of blue:

click on image for original source

click on image for original source