3 04 2014

A selection from the yarn stash … such deliciousness …

What to make? What to make?



Told you things may get all knit-xplosion around here!


29 03 2014

Knitting. I love it.

Especially knitting a gift.

gift knitting

gift knitting

Without the studio, it is a distinct possibility that there will be a knit-craft-explosion in this home.

Update (31st March): oh oopsies, I bet you’re just busting to know the details of this project:


8 03 2014

I spent a lovely time at the NGV International today colouring wooden beads with my friend and her delightful daughter … we made necklaces as part of the workshop situated in the Meredith Turnbull exhibit.

triangle bead 1

triangle bead 1

We added our triangular piece to the wall of others … while little Miss proudly wore her blue square masterpiece home (after dancing outrageously fantastically in the room with the lights on the floor, behind the gold doors).

I like stripes

13 01 2014

I’ve mentioned before I don’t much like triangles.

Though I do like stripes.

I think I like them because they’re orderly, controlled, clean, minimalist … even the not-so-parallel-straight-stripes are cool.

the inside of my new pullover

the inside of my new pullover

I like other shapes too, but perhaps more on that another time.

Mmmmm silk

23 12 2013

I may need an intervention. I have a developed a magnificent compulsion to buy (from DyeforYarn) and knit with mulberry silk yarn.

I’ve already shared the lovely dark blue silk shawl. Lately I’ve made another shawl, using a different pattern … this time in a more neutral silver and grey.



The specifics:

Next: not sure, maybe more socks or a light-weight pullover…


23 11 2013

What better way to spend a rainy dark Saturday than to play creatively?
Indoors of course.

Yarn all ready to go for ‘Project Stripey Cardigan’.

velvet & sunset

velvet & sunset

Beautiful colours to brighten up the day.