Blog roundup

17 07 2014

A few things I’ve enjoyed reading lately:

I’ve noticed that oodles of makers are taking up instagram … perhaps I need a new listing … something to think about …

A number of blogs haven’t been updated for over a year, and so they’re being removed from the listing but have been listed here for posterity:

I’ve also checked every website link and deleted those that don’t exist anymore.
If your site isn’t on my links page please let me know – I’d love to add it.

Also, check out the ‘Meet the Maker’ series in The Age newspaper.

Blog roundup

10 04 2014

It’s pretty quiet on the blogging front … but a few nice things to read

  • I like the photograph enamel pieces by Anne Dinan
  • Wit Myt is on fire! creating STD necklaces and recycled spoon pieces
  • Emma Grace writes about what makes for sustainable making – this has some really important tips and points
  • I absolutely love Katherine Bowman’s first post in her new (hopefully long-lived) series of interviews of owners of pieces commissioned from her about their wearing experience
  • I’m pretty sure I’ve said it before, but I do believe that Kim Victoria Wearne is single-handedly making opals something to desire and covet again – love her pieces; strangely I was convinced she was part of our Oh Opal!‘ group exhibition in 2011, but it seems I was imagining that (or wishing it was so)
  • Lucy James is just a damn delight I tell you!
  • check out Naomi Rachel Muirhead‘s ‘Schmuck 2014‘ reports

Let me know if you’ve spotted some new jewellery blogs not already on my links page.

Happy reading.

Blog roundup & congratulations!

18 09 2013

A little wander around the interwebs…

  • check out the pieces in the Lord Coconut ‘Art of the Cuff‘ exhibition [link]
  • Annelies continues her thought-provoking series of posts on Social Media for Artists [link]
  • David Neale shares some completely gorgeous earrings [link]
  • Karla Way shares a lovely opal engagement ring [link]
  • enjoying Kim Wearne’s jewellery loveliness so much [link]
  • I’ve just noticed the magnificent pieces Teresa Lane’s blog [link]
  • inspiring workshop images from Nina Baker [link]
  • if you haven’t already seen this (if not where have you been!?!?!!), the most impossibly awesome Zoe Brand has opened a gallery in her room – I know, it is most excellent [link, and here too]

Happy reading.

Oh oh oh, and warmest and most heartfelt congratulations to the makers announced as winners in the Toowoomba Contemporary Wearables ’13:

  • Claire McArdle [website], winner

    event media; Claire McArdle 'Emu'; click on image for original source

    event media; Claire McArdle ‘Emu’; click on image for original source

  • Jessamy Pollack [website], runner-up

    Jessamy Pollock; click on image for original source

    event media; Jessamy Pollock; click on image for original source

  • Amy Fiveash, student award

    event media; Amy Fiveash 'Enfold neckpiece'; click on image for original source

    event media; Amy Fiveash ‘Enfold neckpiece’; click on image for original source

  • and pieces by the following artists were acquired:
    Gerhard Herbst Ozzi on a Roll
    Kath Inglis Colourful Reflections
    Lauren Joffe Conversationtwo
    Mitsue Slattery Chinese Lantern


I’ve searched for the tour dates to no avail – if you know where I can find them, please let me know – I want to see these pieces in person!!

Blog roundup

28 03 2013

A quick little skip around the interwebs:

  • Bethany Linton bemoans spam (oh how I relate) but does share a beautiful new object
  • Claire McArdle shares some amazing pieces
  • oh my good lordy, in lust with David Neale’s cufflinks
  • Jennifer Martin has shared some new images of older work, I especially like the Sea Twine ring
  • The Needle Files highlights that 1st April is the deadline for applications for Artist in Residence at Birmingham Jewellery School (for anyone planning on popping over to Europe)
  • naturally I still love reading Katherine Bowman’s blog, especially her recent ‘inspiration’ post
  • Katherine Wheeler makes some interesting observations about the work in ‘Containment
  • enjoying Kim Victoria Wearne’s opal explorations
  • Lucy James says ‘think less, do more’ … I like this a whole lot
  • if you’re not already regularly reading Mel Miller, add it to your list; after reading her post about getting whiter backgrounds in images, I will need to do some more investigation as this is something I’d like to improve in my photos

There are lots of lovely writings and images on many blogs; see my Links page for more.
I wish I could write about everyone, but that would take me days and days!

Blog roundup

4 02 2013

As you’d expect, the blogosphere has been quieter than usual for the last month or so … with many choosing this time of year for a break.

So a little whirl around the internets to see who’s back:

Happy reading.

Blog roundup

22 10 2012

A quick whirl around the internets:

  • Chloe Smith shares details of her laser cutting experience – this is one for the resource list! [link]
  • Coconut Lu [link]and Jessica Morrison [link] tell the exciting news of the opening of their ‘Artifice’ gallery in Williamstown
  • love love love David Neale’s procrastination [link]
  • I really enjoy reading Elise Sheehan’s blog [link]
  • very much liking the new work from Emma Jane Donald [link]
  • also, check out the project on Pozzible of Emma Grace and NC4 [link]
  • [update] Vetti shares a lovely take on Susan Ewington’s ‘transference‘ exhibition (sad I didn’t get to see it) [link]

So much more good reading out there – get amongst it!

Blog roundup

8 08 2012

Another quick whiz around the interwebs…

  • check out the online video exhibition from Lord Coconut ‘I Made This‘ [link]
  • Pieces of Eight blog has featured a beautiful neckpiece by Peta Kruger [link]
  • Caz Guiney shares some fabulous collages [link]
  • I cannot wait to see David Neale’s exhibition ‘Love Letters‘ [link]
  • I very much enjoy reading Katie Jayne Britchford’s blog [link]
  • Mel Miller points out the impact of reduced education funding – get involved!! [link]
  • I’ve been enjoying Melinda Young’s colour posts [link]
  • typically wonderful writing from Melissa Cameron [link]

Happy reading!


Update (8th August): also check out the e.g.etal ring designs on facebook [link] … such a great insight into the practice of artists and the different forms of proposal (I’ve learnt a lot just by looking at the various ways of presentation etc)